10 Things You Didn’t Know Your House Needed

Our house should be the paragon of comfort. For ourselves at least. It should have all the things that make us feel comfortable and cozy, and it should be convenient enough to prevent even minor hassles. However, we’re not aware of the things we don’t know, so we might not even be aware we can improve our house even more. So today, we’ll be looking at things that you didn’t know you needed in your house.

1. Spotlights

Lighting is everything. It’s the difference between good design and bad design. Why? It’s one of the things that control the ambiance of your house. Your house can immediately feel more lively or somber depending on the lighting. Having dimmable GU10 LED spotlights will help you control ambiance,

2. Aromatherapy devices

While we design our homes primarily with the sense of sight in mind, let’s not forget how powerful the sense of smell can be. Scent evokes a wide variety of emotions, and it should be something that’s harnessed to further the atmosphere of your own home. Scented candles, diffusers, potpourris, and oil burners aren’t all too expensive so getting one will definitely be a low-cost improvement for your home.

3. Cast-iron skillet

Even if you’re not too savvy with cooking, a cast-iron skillet is still a good investment to make. Why? Simply because with proper care, they can last for years. This saves you money by not needing to buy cheap cookware that breaks after a year of use, not to mention the number of dishes that can be cooked with a cast-iron pan. If you’re not too big on cooking, this will definitely set you in the right direction.

4. Ornamental plants

Everyone seems to purchase an ornamental plant nowadays. And for good reason: plants make people happy. Yes, science even reports that having plants around your space increases mood and productivity. Not to mention they’re great air purifiers and a natural rest for our tired, screen-staring eyes. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of these plants, they also bring a lot of benefits that you’re better off including in your house.

5. First-aid kit

Everyone probably has a first-aid kit of some form, perhaps one that’s more just a collection of common medicine versus a proper first-aid kit. However, there is absolutely no downside to having a box filled with remedies to common ails. If you still haven’t, set aside a sturdy box (preferably made of metal) and fill it with all forms of medicines and remedies. You won’t be sorry.

6. Pantry organizer

If your kitchen is a mixture of different spices and ingredients that it begins to smell like a rotten salad, then you need pantry organizers. These cute little baskets and containers serve as open boxes for storing different kinds of ingredients close together without actually affecting each other. Helpful, especially if you want those ingredients to last more than one day.

7. Space-saving ladder

Redesigning your home is fun. What’s not fun is the constant stacking of chairs to reach the curtain rods just to change your curtains. If you’re into home designing and re-designing, it goes without saying that you should invest on a good ladder. And not those bulky 9-foot ones too, but a good space-saving metal ladder. You’ll finally be able to redesign every part of your house with less fuss.

8. Fire extinguisher

Safety should always be a priority. Perhaps you’ve installed a smoke detection system or electricity fail safe measure. But when it comes down to it, having a fire extinguisher is still a must. Preventive measures are great but you still need to be able to address a fire when it’s actually happening in front of you.

9. USB Power Hub

Smartphones, tablets, wireless earphones, and even laptops utilize the USB format. Having a dedicated power hub that accepts USB instead of the usual electrical plug keeps your devices safe and tucked in one corner, instead of lugging it around all over. Plus, with the amount of smart devices accepting power this way now, it makes sense to just have a USB hub instead of a traditional outlet.

10. Heavy-duty flashlight

Most phones have a built-in flashlight that helps when taking pictures but can double as a flashlight for use in the dark. However, in extended periods of time, a heavy-duty flashlight will be much more suited to the task. Not only will it not run out of battery as quickly, but it will also be brighter, and generally easier to use. Why do you need a heavy-duty flashlight? For emergencies of course. You never know when you need one, and this is one of those things you’ll want when you need it.

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