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5 Cheap Hacks for a Healthy Pandemic Lifestyle

Make no mistake about it: the COVID-19 pandemic is not going away any time soon. While several big-ticket pharmaceutical companies have managed to develop (in record-time fashion) and made available their versions of COVID-19 vaccines, there is still no reason to be complacent about the whole situation.

As millions of people are still being infected worldwide, and with new variants of the virus emerging from the UK, Brazil, South Africa, and California, people must double down on their health and safety precautions and not for a single minute think that they’re safe and sound inside their homes.

One way to give yourself a fighting chance against this deadly virus is to maintain a healthy mind and body. This will give you greater odds of fighting off the illness if you contracted it even with the greatest care.

Here are five hacks that would help you lead a healthy pandemic lifestyle without breaking your bank in the process:

Improve indoor air.

The air you breathe inside your home could make or break your quest to stay strong and healthy throughout the pandemic. You might not know it but there are literally millions, even billions of minute air-borne toxic particles that could enter your respiratory system and cause serious health problems.

You can proactively address such a possibility by tapping a professional air duct cleaning service contractor to give your HVAC system a thorough cleaning. Additionally, you could spend a few dollars on air-purifying indoor plants that could double as decorative elements inside your residence. Many of them are NASA-approved, so you know that they really work as inexpensive and highly aesthetic air purifiers.

Exercise and meditate.

A healthy lifestyle won’t be complete without taking care of one’s mind and emotions. With all the chaos and uncertainties happening around you, you can maintain your emotional and physical balance through frequent meditation and simple exercises.

It can be as uncomplicated as doing sit-ups and pushups or investing in some dumbbells and an exercise ball to keep your muscles in great condition. Additionally, you could spend a few quiet moments each day just sitting in a corner of your house with relaxing music and an essential oil diffuser in place to help put your minds at ease.

These techniques have worked wonders for a lot of people and they’ll likely work for you, too.

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Keep your mental health in check.

Some people say that you are what and how you think. This makes perfect sense since people judge us primarily by the way we speak our minds and act according to our mental state. So, it’s in your best interest to ensure that despite your busy schedule or ongoing struggles, you should find time to stop, think, and breathe to let go of all your pent-up negative thoughts and emotions.

Among the ill impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is the explosion of mental health issues among affected individuals. Even before the crisis began, mental health problems are already a serious concern among government health authorities, healthcare professionals, and wellness advocates. The economic hardships brought by the pandemic made the situation several times worse.

Knowing these things, be sure to seek familial and professional help when you feel like you’re already drowning in negativity. In such a dire scenario, your proactive action matters a lot, so don’t think twice about pushing the help button before you lose your sanity.

Plan your meals.

Effective meal planning is key to eating delicious, healthy, and affordable meals according to your family’s dietary needs. For this one, you could search the web for sample meal plans and see which ones apply to your family’s nutrition needs.

Among the benefits of planning meals are maintaining a proper diet, saving time when deciding what next meals to have, and enjoying a variety of healthy foods on a predictable schedule. You can also give the meal plan a twist by periodically rearranging the order of the meals for a little element of surprise, especially for the kids.

Grow your own food.

Almost overnight, vacant lots became vegetable gardens with tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onions, and other common household kitchen veggies one can think of. Those who preferred the aesthetic side of things, meanwhile, turned their backyards and windows into ornamental gardens. While beautiful flowers are not bad, vegetables are more practical. And if you’re after your family’s food security amid the pandemic, then it is the obvious choice.

You can easily start a small home vegetable garden with basic hand tools, some seeds, and a small plot of land. No backyard? No problem. You can always invest in some flower pots that sell for a few dollars.

There may be a lot of uncertainty brought by this raging crisis but with these tips, you can at least secure your family’s health without spending too much.

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