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5 Great Ideas for a Home Extension

A house extension is a great way to increase your home’s value and utility. As your family grows, so will its space requirements. You need new bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices. Instead of buying a new home and moving, which can be time-consuming and incredibly expensive, why not extend your existing home instead?

Not all house extensions are practical, however. Maybe you need a bigger space for entertaining. Or you want to turn an unused corner of your backyard into something fun. For that, you can call a pickleball court contractor in Utah.

If you are thinking of extending your home, here’s how to make the process smoother:

  1. Reorganize your existing layout

Maybe you do not need an extension to add more space. Reorganizing your existing space allows you to make the most of your home and get the layout you have always wanted. Combine two unused rooms into one larger area. Expand your bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

A reorganization allows you to optimize your space and improve the livability of the space. You can adjust windows to take advantage of natural light and view. Or maybe you want to change your bedroom’s location to take advantage of backyard privacy.

  1. Add a second story

If space is an issue, build upwards instead of outwards. Adding a second story is a cost-effective way to add more space to your home. It instantly doubles your available floor space without the need to purchase more land or extend the foundation.

Have your home’s blueprints checked by a professional to find out if you can add a new story on top of the existing structure. If not, you will have to reinforce the first story before adding a new one on top.

  1. Mix the new and old

If you are thinking of extending an old structure, you can make the visual element more interesting by designing a modern extension. The contrast of the old and new makes brings your home to the 21st century without compromising its classic style.

  1. Add a sunroom

home renovationIf you live in an area with a mild climate, good natural light, and breathtaking scenery, you might want to build a sunroom. A sunroom is a relatively affordable extension that allows you to utilize unused outdoor space and take advantage of the greenery.

Since sunrooms are mostly covered with glass panes, they have to be sealed from the rest of the house to prevent energy loss. Heating can be an issue in winter months.

  1. Increase the ceiling height

One standard extension idea is increasing the ceiling height to make a space more spacious and light. Pitched roofs also allow for a vaulted ceiling, which makes for an impressive sight. This extension can be done with minimal cost, either by lowering the floor or increasing the height of the structure.

These five home extension ideas will allow you to make better use of your home’s space. With land becoming more expensive, it makes more financial sense to utilize what space you have than buying a new property.

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