6 Ways to Make Your House Bug-Free

Homes are supposed to be everyone’s haven, as they’re a safe place that families can come back to at the end of the day — big or small, on land or water, you should have full control of your humble abode. Mortgage loan companies can help you get your dream home, but keeping it comfortable and safe for the family is all up to you, so when you get uninvited guests, it will be your job to keep them away.

To help you take control of your home, here are six tips to consider for a bug-proof home:

Install screen windows and doors

Just like a locked door can keep intruders out, a sealed door can keep unwanted pests out of your home. When you inspect your windows and doors, you’d be surprised by how many gaps it has, serving as a gateway for pests to enter your home. To fight against this, you can install screens in your windows and doors, adding another layer of protection for your house. You can use a 20-mesh screen or something finer to repel these bugs, and the best part is you can install these screens yourself.

Regular pest control

Although you can try your best to repel these bugs away from your home, you’re bound to face an infestation eventually, and that’s when you need to call a professional. Local pest control companies can help you resolve your pest problems or prevent it from getting worse in the first place by having annual or quarterly inspections.

Be clean, so you don’t invite ants and cockroaches

A significant reason why insects, like ants and cockroaches, may gravitate towards your home is that they like messes, so if you have unwashed dishes in the sink left or have open trash bags around your house, it’s time to make a change. Keeping your home clean is a great way to keep these pests away, especially in the common areas, like the kitchen, where crumbs and other potential treats hide. Make some changes such as vacuuming once a week and covering your trash bins.

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Set up mouse traps

Although rat poison can be a fast way to get rid of pests, it can be dangerous to have around the home, especially in a household with pets and kids. So, it’s best to use mouse traps with bait to capture these pests. Plus, this method can instantly kill rats, which prevents them from urinating and defecating around the home.

Use natural insect repellent on your kids

Insects, including biting flies and buzzing mosquitoes, can make your children miserable and sometimes sick. One way you can protect your kids from these pests is by using insect repellents. You must use ‘natural’ repellents as chemically-made ones can irritate their skin and eyes. However, regardless if it’s naturally- or chemically-made, remember to apply it outside of your child’s clothes and on exposed skin only.

Add indoor plants that repel insects

If you’re tired of keeping your windows and doors shut all the time to prevent bugs from coming inside your home, having budding houseplants throughout your house can repel these pests naturally. The best indoor plants you can use to repel bugs include basil, chamomile, mint, and chives.

One thing everyone can agree on is that insects don’t belong in your home. They create unsanitary conditions and can drive one insane from the constant buzzing and itchy bites. Fortunately, the tips mentioned can repel these pests with ease—making your home buzz- and bug-free again.

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