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Achieving a Million-Dollar Smile: Common Procedures You Can Get Right Now

If you are quite conscious of how you look, you’ve probably wished you had an even better smile than what you have now. You probably freak out when you noticed your teeth are a bit crooked, or you’re bothered when you noticed you’ve developed an over or underbite.

Fortunately, these are problems you can address with the help of your dentist. Here are some of the procedures you can get and see how it can help you smile and look better.

Braces to Keep Your Pearly Whites Straight

Many people have crooked teeth, but not all of them have the opportunity to fix this problem. Some feel the expense is unnecessary, while others think the process is too long to be bothered with. However, there are situations when getting braces is a must.

Misaligned teeth can also cause problems like overbite, underbite, or even jaw deformity. But some get braces purely for cosmetic reasons. Even adults, now that they’re earning their own money, tend to get a discrete form of corrective alignment.

Bridges and Implants to Replace What Has Been Lost

It’s quite unfortunate to lose a tooth, and it’s even worse when it’s quite obvious that it’s gone. That gap in your teeth can hold you back from interacting with people, as it makes you more conscious of your appearance. Fortunately, you can now get a bridge or an implant to replace your lost tooth.

A bridge, as the name suggests “bridges” the gap between your teeth. They’re false teeth that get anchored in place using the adjacent teeth. Implants, on the other hand, require placing artificial root “implants,” which will then support replacement teeth. Implants are more stable than your regular false teeth, as they’re planted firmly in your jaw, just like a normal tooth would be.

Implants replace your actual tooth, which would’ve been caused by an accident that fractured it or knocked it loose. In these situations, you need to visit an emergency dentist in Salt Lake City, or anywhere close so that you can address the problem immediately. While it’s almost impossible to salvage a tooth that has broken loose, you can opt for an implant to fill the gap instead.

Whiten Your Teeth, Brighten Your Smile

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As teeth darken with age, your smile becomes noticeably dull. The cause of this problem varies, from habits like smoking and drinking too much coffee, or eating colored food and beverages. If it’s noticeably discolored, you need to get your teeth whitened immediately.

There are at-home procedures that you can do yourself, but this can cost more and can easily go wrong when you don’t follow the right steps. It’s better to have a professional handle this for you so that you won’t waste your money without achieving the desired effects.

If you want to achieve a million-dollar smile, you also need to invest in proper dental care to fix any problems, such as alignment, gaps, and discoloration. A perfect set of teeth can boost your confidence, and help you live a healthier life.

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