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Active Lifestyle for Elders: What to Change at Home

  • Seniors should implement physical activity into their daily routine to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, improve cognitive function and boost moods.
  • To build an active lifestyle at home, elderlies should make additions such as guard rails, non-slip mats, shower chairs, handlebars, custom stair railings on both sides with non-slip surfaces, and age-appropriate furniture with armrests.
  • Investing in exercise equipment like treadmills or ellipticals can help seniors retain a fit lifestyle inside the comfort of their homes.
  • Outdoor activities like walking around the neighborhood or joining a tai chi class should be done safely by taking precautions against potential hazards and ensuring areas are well-lit for seniors with difficulty seeing at night.
  • Adopting an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits and quality sleep will contribute to improved physical and mental health in elderly individuals.

The importance of maintaining fitness for elderlies cannot be overstated. Physical activity becomes increasingly crucial in seniors’ overall health and well-being as the population ages. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases, improve cognitive function and even boost moods. With age, muscle mass naturally decreases – making it essential that seniors partake in light to moderate exercise regularly.

Lack of physical activity significantly contributes to the onset of cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death among seniors in many countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that over 17 million people die yearly from cardiovascular diseases. This number could be reduced significantly if more senior citizens actively participate in regular physical exercise.

When building an active lifestyle, elders must focus on the environment they live in most of the time. A home environment that is safe and comfortable can encourage physical activity. Here are a few adjustments when trying to remain active at home.

Add Senior-Friendly Features

Proper stair railings for seniors

Senior-friendly adjustments are essential for seniors looking to stay active and fit. As bones and muscles naturally weaken with age, seniors need to make their environment comfortable and safe to engage in physical activities without worrying about slipping or falling.

Making the home senior-friendly involves modifications to help senior citizens stay physically active. Here are a few of them:

Bathroom modifications

Bathrooms are slip-and-trip areas that need to be extra safe for seniors. This includes adding guard rails, non-slip mats, shower chairs, and handlebars when required.


If there are staircases in the home, make sure they have custom stair railings on both sides for support and non-slip surfaces. Also, consider installing a stair lift or elevator for convenience and safety.

Specialized furniture

Make sure furniture is age-appropriate and built to the height of seniors. A chair with armrests can help with support while sitting or getting up.


Good lighting is essential for seniors who may have difficulty seeing at night. Make sure home areas are well-lit, both indoors and outdoors.

Adding Home Fitness Features

Yoga mat at home for seniors

People’s mobility is usually reduced as they grow older, so it’s essential to create a home fitness environment that is easy and enjoyable. Here are some ideas:


Adding a garden is an excellent way for seniors to get physical activity while enjoying the beauty of nature. Gardening can also improve overall well-being by allowing elders to spend more time outdoors.

Making use of technology

Various technologies, such as robotic vacuum cleaners and automated lawnmowers, are now available to help reduce the burden of chores on seniors. Automating these tasks takes the pressure off them and helps make the home environment safer and easier to handle.

Exercise machines

Investing in exercise equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, or ellipticals can help seniors maintain an active lifestyle. Exercise machines let elders stay fit in the comfort of their homes and can even be used to socialize when paired with friends or family members.

Those home fitness features can help seniors stay active and promote healthy habits. With the right environment, elders can enjoy a more active lifestyle and improve their overall well-being. Of course, checking with a doctor before any changes will be necessary. With the proper adjustments, elders can embrace an active lifestyle and enjoy their golden years in good health.

Making Use of the Outdoor Space Well

Finally, seniors should also use outdoor spaces for physical activity. This includes walking around the neighborhood, going to local parks for light walks, or doing stretching exercises. Joining a tai chi class or even taking a dance lesson can be fun and beneficial activities that seniors can participate in outdoors.

However, some seniors might not want to leave the house. In that case, creating a garden or installing outdoor gym equipment can be great options for them.

No matter what activity seniors choose to do, safety should always be considered and taken into account. Ensure outdoor areas are well-lit and free from potential hazards, and there is no possibility of slipping or tripping over while engaging in physical activities.

Final Thoughts

By making these small changes at home and using the outdoor spaces, seniors can lead active lifestyles without leaving the comfort of their homes. Doing so will help promote physical and mental health in elders, which is essential for their overall well-being. Seniors can stay fit and enjoy their golden years with an active lifestyle, healthy eating habits, and quality sleep.

In conclusion, the key to an active lifestyle for elders is creating a safe and comfortable home environment.

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