Yes, Appearance Does Matter: Making the Best of Your Looks

Accepting your flaws and yourself is a healthy thing. It allows you to gain confidence in yourself in the many activities and responsibilities you have to do in life. Blocking out comments and criticisms about your lifestyle and appearance takes a while to master, and some might not even accomplish it. However, it doesn’t mean that your appearance is not a significant factor in a few life aspects.

Society can be judgmental, considering your appearance when interacting with you. It might even be a factor in your career progress or social activities. Accepting flaws is a massive accomplishment, but you might have to make a few improvements to bring you a step closer to your goals. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve your appearance in the places that matter. Here are a few areas where your focus is necessary when working on your flaws.

Physical Shape

One of the most hurtful comments about a person’s appearance is weight. People can be quick to judge those who display curves and bellies beyond the accepted figure. Unfortunately, even a body with a healthy body mass index (BMI) will not be safe from criticism. The fat label can be damaging to your mental health when people shape their comments into insults. However, there is an underlying level of concern when you hear it from the people you trust and love.

Obesity is a significant health problem, often posing as the gateway to more complicated medical conditions like heart attack and diabetes. While getting called overweight might be hurtful to hear, it could indicate someone’s unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activities. Diet and exercise are essential to every person, which might tell people more about the lifestyle you pursue. The best solution for improving your physical shape is working out and taking on a healthy diet. Sacrificing your favorite snacks and maintaining discipline for your fitness schedule should be the first steps, helping you accomplish the fit appearance that others will notice.


People perceive confidence by how a person engages in conversation. If you can talk well with others, you might not find it challenging to gain their respect and let them see that you are a person with high self-esteem. However, your mouth is not the only thing that can communicate with others. Your body will also contribute to conversations, but it might not be at par with your words. Unfortunately, a poor posture could make you unremarkable or insulting to others. Putting yourself in a good position for a promotion at work will depend on how you present yourself. The same goes when trying to speak in front of a lot of people. A poor posture means a weak stage presence, with your audience doubting if you are suitable for the speaking position.

Posture is something that our parents teach us. Try to learn as much as you can about the correct sitting or standing position. Mastering body language might also be necessary, especially how you position your arms or maintain eye contact when talking to people. Performing the correct posture will also have health-related benefits, making it essential for every person.

Cleanliness and Fashion

People accepting flaws is a massive step towards self-confidence. However, it doesn’t give anyone permission to do whatever they want. There will be certain rules that give people an idea of how they should appear or present themselves. The most obvious example is at work, where people should always observe professionalism. Appearance is essential in the workplace, especially when employees are in constant contact with clients or customers. People who dress or bathe poorly might end up with an unpleasant appearance, making it necessary to observe cleanliness and fashion. Failing to do so could present you as unprofessional. Fortunately, you can find ways to improve by asking questions. Your loved ones might have a good fashion sense and a clean appearance, making them ideal guides for your improvement in those areas.


The perception around appearance is that people will judge you for it. However, we rarely see it as the other way around. Your appearance can influence others, and none will have a heavier impact than a smile. It might only take one smile to change someone’s day from bad to tolerable. However, you might feel conscious about your flaws. If you feel like you have jagged teeth, you can improve your smile by adding dental veneers. Cosmetic dentistry is just an option, but it won’t hurt if you want your smile to brighten the days of your loved ones.

Your appearance will matter in a lot of life aspects. However, your efforts to improve it should be hand-in-hand with accepting your flaws. The combination can make you a better person, even if it takes a while to master.


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