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Beautify Your Yard By Adding a Little Privacy

If you feel like a little exposed while sitting in your outdoor living area, then maybe it’s time to spruce it up. Even if you haven’t built an outdoor living space, you might still feel like someone is looking into your windows. Perhaps someone is looking from a higher floor and can see you as you relax in your yard.

Since it’s your home, it’s only your right to put up some barriers and make your yard pretty at the same time. However, if you’re planning to renovate your outdoors, be sure to research the rules and regulations in your local area. Some high fences might not be allowed entirely.

Growing a hedge screen

Hedge screening is something that can provide you privacy all year round and is not normally restricted by municipal regulations. However, don’t grow them up too high since it would be an attractive target for intruders so they can hide from the outside once they’ve moved past your fences.

While it can reach your desired height, depending on the plant you choose, this disadvantage would be that it can cost a lot to grow a perfect hedge. It can be a little challenging to maintain. Therefore, it’s best not to set your expectation up too high.

With the proper placement and choice of plant type, a hedge screening can be worth it—one thing you need to consider before proceeding is the climate.

Mixing up your plants

This can be a good project that can keep you busy during the weekends. Growing more mixes of evergreen trees, shrubs, and perennials share a natural look in your backyard. If you have a large yard or lawn, you can layer plants as much as your space allows you to.

If you don’t have enough space to put up layers of plants, you can raise your beds for your existing plants. Another option would be to plant the kinds that can serve as view-blockers. You can grow them in beds or berms, and they’ll make your home feel safe.

Shade trees can be a good option, depending on the species of your choice. These kinds limit a neighbor’s view from a high-story window or terrace. They can provide you with a canopy of privacy and also shade from the sun while leaving the right amount of shine and light.

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Pergola for privacy

A pergola is perfect if you want just a little privacy without blocking too much view. The wood columns allow you to have a limited obstruction from the neighbors who might be too curious to look in. It also serves as a screen from too much sun and wind.

This can also be perfect if you have a small space or an outdoor kitchen. A pergola encloses your outdoor rooms, creating an intimate vibe without isolating yourselves from nature.

To add a little more privacy and aesthetics to your pergola, you can fill in its structure with beautiful vines that frame your living area. The crossbeams and poles make the proper base for the plants to climb. And once they’ve grown, it adds coziness and shade to your living room. Of course, it’ll take time for the vines to grow and climb up, but it’s going to be worth your wait.

Building a trellis

If you a pergola is too much and too expensive, try building a trellis to use it as a privacy fence. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, you can decide whether you want to buy one or build one. It doesn’t have to be a large one, but just enough to fulfill your privacy needs. You can use old and used materials to build it, such as old tables, wood, and headboards. Once you’re done, you can also have vines climb the columns to make them look pretty.

Container gardening

This can also be an easy DIY for your home. Using your pergola or trellis and your composite seclusion fences, you can add a vertical garden, which will serve as part of your shade. You can have space for your vegetables or other plants by building a shelf for your vertical garden to save up some space in your yard.

No matter your choice of plants, hanging your plants can provide you with privacy screenings from the outside. You can have fun testing your resourcefulness and creativity.

There are always many ways to add privacy to your yard without being too much. Whether your purpose is aesthetics, luxury, or just privacy alone. Too much privacy can cause more attention and suspicion to your neighbors and attract trespassers.

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