Being Active During the Pandemic: Sports and Activities That are Safe

At this point in time, there are two things that are keeping you at home. One is the ongoing pandemic. The other is the colder climate experienced outdoors. With these two combined, how can you ever figure out squeezing in some exercise?

If you really want to do it, it doesn’t matter where you live. Even at an advanced age, you can still get some exercise even if you’re in a facility for independent living or home care or if you’re living at home. You only need to observe the safety protocols while exercising in the case of COVID-19, while you should stop it temporarily and move the exercise inside your home if the weather outside is beginning to get cold again.

Here are a few activities and sports to try out during the cold pandemic months. Some of them you can do at home, while others can be done in places where you must observe social distancing.

Why you must be active

An active lifestyle means you’re better equipped to handle the pandemic. While it ended sporting events, that doesn’t mean it has to end individual physical activities. You can still exercise during winter (inside your home or outside when it’s not cold). It helps your body’s immune system, and it also helps you burn calories you may have from the past Holiday festivities.

Skiing the Slopes

Skiing is an activity that’s as physical as it can get. Your whole body moves as you maneuver to stay balanced even as you ski down the slopes. The rush of adrenaline also helps you mentally to stay sharp as you traverse the uncertain trails of your favorite route.

It is also a great sport during the pandemic. While you may ski with friends or family, most of the time, you’re alone. Everyone is also maintaining distance because they don’t want any accidents to happen. This is perfect, especially when you’re trying to avoid being close to another person for fear of getting the virus.


Tennis is another sport that involves no contact between competitors. It is a combination of coordination and motor skills and requires you to have as sharp an eye as you can have. It makes your body move totally and is one of the recommended sports for the pandemic.

Consider the distance between you and your opponent. Even when you must smash through a hard drive to catch them unawares, you’re not likely to bump into each other. At a time during the pandemic, tennis is the best sport to be active and to keep active.

person at the beach

Non-Contact Sports

Sports such as tennis and skiing are among those which the EU and German states are encouraging among their populace. It’s no secret that these places haven’t fared well at keeping COVID-19 controlled. There are sports where social distancing can be observed, such as individual sports which you can play all by yourself. These should be given priority above all other activities.

Go Golfing

Golf is a unique sport to play during the pandemic. You can’t play it during winter, but when everything thaws, consider this; it is something that espouses social distancing, since you’re only ever going to be playing by yourself mostly, or with others who maintain their distance from you.

You should also consider the processes in the sport. There are staggered tee times, so you keep your distance. Clubhouse closures and using gloves always are also among the other measures implemented in playing the sport. If you’re going to observe these, there’s no reason why you can’t play golf all by yourself, or with friends.

Shared Equipment Sports

While other sports are allowed, there are those that may take time to return to normalcy. Gymnastics is one of those. Gyms are places where people share equipment and it’s almost a breeding ground for viruses like COVID-19. You also have no assurance that the person who went before you is safe from the coronavirus.

If the equipment is spread out, and there are a limited number of uses, then allowing these sports may be considered. However, in a period under the pandemic, there seems to be little need for them. There are other sports you may try, and these are considered safer than having uncertain contact.

If you want to stay active and fit even during the pandemic winter, you should be welcome to adjustments. It has undoubtedly become a part of life under the new normal. Though restrictions have become a part of that too, there are many activities you can still do like normal, if you keep your — and others’ — safety in mind.

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