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The Big Challenge: Living an Active Lifestyle During the Pandemic

These unprecedented times made everyone fear for their own health and wellness. Thus, we follow the recommendations made by the government and the health experts. We do social distancing and regularly wash our hands. We limit social interactions and shelter in place. Some took it to the next level by taking their work home.

Since we are facing a world health crisis, it only makes sense to embrace a healthy lifestyle. The healthier we are, the more we can protect ourselves from the virus. This is one great way of protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the virus.

But even though we know how crucial our health is nowadays, it can be extremely difficult to lead a healthy life. Some who managed to start a healthy lifestyle failed to maintain healthy living. They ended up leading a sedentary life which is something that is completely the opposite of their initial goal.

The pandemic came with certain challenges that made living a healthy lifestyle a struggle. While we cannot completely blame the crisis for us gearing towards the unhealthy path, we cannot deny that this became a major factor in how we live and make decisions. The following states why people face that eventually made healthy living quite difficult.

Why Staying Active Is a Struggle Mid-pandemic

People who used to go to the gym or usually go on yoga classes ended up home-bound. Gyms and fitness centers became a center of controversy, with experts saying this is among the best places to spread and contract the virus. Some places ended up closing such establishments, leaving gym junkies and regular gym goers with no choice but to exercise at home.

In the beginning, people started creating health goals which included exercising at home. Some invested in their own gym, while others went on exercising with their household members. The problem is, exercising at home takes a lot of motivation.

There are lots of distractions at home that can demotivate one from exercising. When you live with someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle, it can be very difficult to push yourself to stay active. Don’t forget the fact that you also have tons of tasks to do at home, which can include home upkeep, childcare, and remote work.

Some people don’t know where and how to start living an active lifestyle. Some chose to simply give up without trying. Others tried for a couple of days or weeks, only to give in to temptations.

Motivating Yourself to Stay Active


It can be extremely hard to start and maintain an active lifestyle if you don’t have enough motivation to keep moving. The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to get your drive back and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ideas worth considering:

1. Find Something Fun and Engaging

Is there a certain physical activity that you always find fun and intriguing? Maybe you always wanted to try yoga but never got the chance to go to a yoga class. Or maybe you are interested in other forms of exercise that do not require any gym equipment?

Knowing what your interests are and making the activity fun is a sure way to motivate yourself to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. Choose activities you can comfortably do indoors or even in your backyard. You don’t even need to buy any equipment just to get things going.

For instance, you have always been fascinated with tai chi. You can take tai chi lessons online. This will help you feel that you are not alone as you embark on your journey with the help of a professional instructor.

2. Make Physical Activity a Daily Routine

Consistency is key to an active lifestyle. Just because you are not going to the gym already meant you can skip your daily exercise. Choose to incorporate physical activity in your daily living and you won’t have any excuse to skip a session.

The best way to do this is to insert exercise when doing household chores. Household chores alone help keep your body moving. Exerting more effort will allow you to work those muscles no matter busy you may get.

3. Reward Yourself

Make exercise fun by rewarding yourself. For one, you can blast your favorite pick-me-up songs while you exercise. You can invite a friend or two to go on daily runs every afternoon.

Don’t forget to compliment yourself every time you manage to complete an exercise routine. Verbal affirmations and savoring the feeling will make you more motivated to it again the next day. The same goes for rewarding yourself with a new set of workout clothes, a cheat day once a week, or even a few pats on your back for a workout well done.

Staying motivated to live an active lifestyle becomes a more difficult task now that we are facing a crisis. But instead of allowing ourselves to fall back, we must fight harder for our own sake. Motivate yourself to embrace an active lifestyle and you can have better peace of mind despite the pandemic threatening our lives.

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