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Boost Your Career Reputation with These Self-Care Ideas

As much as we don’t want to admit it, appearances matter in building your work and career. Naturally, you have to back it up with actual skills and such. However, how you present yourself can make the difference in landing that partnership or just getting your first job.

We don’t want you to dress up too far from your personality. But a few changes to your appearances might do you some good. If you want to know what self-care practices you can do to help your career, follow these tips.

Dress to impress

Dressing properly doesn’t necessarily mean going to work every day in a three-piece suit of high heels. However, wearing clean and ironed clothes can give off the impression that you are an organized person. Whatever your industry is, showing up to work with stained pants and ripped shirts will not sit well.

Clothes tell you about your personality, so it’s best to avoid clothes that have rude or offensive logos or designs on them. Some studies say that  the kind of shoes  you wear is already a sign of your character. You want to avoid text that can cause unnecessary tension or that explicitly degrades other cultures, races, or people in general.

One thing that can go a long way is properly fitted clothes, especially when it comes to business attire. This applies to both men and women. Even a simple suit can do wonders when you get it tailor-made to your proportions. It can make even a cheap suit look expensive because of how it fits your body.

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Work on your teeth

Even if it’s not in a business or career setting, taking care of your teeth is extremely important.  Around 3.9 billion people  have oral diseases, and almost half of them are untreated tooth decay. Ugly teeth aren’t the worst thing that you can actually get. When you neglect to floss and get a regular cleaning, your teeth can end up rotting and needing some expensive dental care.

Some people take it a step further and have  cosmetic dental work  done to improve their teeth further. Certain lifestyle and diet choices may have turned your teeth permanently yellow, but there are new dental procedures that can actually fix that. People who had teeth decayed or accidents before may have a few missing teeth that cosmetic dentistry can fix as well.

Aside from its aesthetic benefits, nice teeth can greatly boost your self-confidence. There’s nothing like seeing a shiny, bright smile every day. Other procedures can also help reduce teeth grinding and can encourage better oral care.

Be wary of your smell

You need to not only look clean but also smell clean as well. Body odor is incredibly unpleasant and can ruin your career reputation because it makes you seem unclean. Similarly, excessively strong perfumes or colognes also don’t give good impressions. Make sure that you at least wash your body every day and use a moderate amount of perfume.

The way you smell can even affect how your coworkers interact with you. If they find that you always smell unpleasant, they will want to be around you less or would have you less involved in their work. If the scene is just too much for them to bear, they might even report you to HR because of how distracting it is.

Invest in a good skincare regime

When in a work setting, it is always good to put your best foot forward, which applies to your skin. According to studies, acne and generally poor skin condition can actually hurt your chances of  landing a job . That’s because skincare can also be a skin of personal hygiene for some people, even though that’s not always the reason why you get acne.

One way you can fix this is by learning and having a good skincare routine. Both men and women can actually benefit from good skincare practices. For one, it can help them feel more confident about their appearances and reduce signs of skin aging. Skincare also reduces signs of stress sometimes as well.

What’s great about skincare is that the effects are long-lasting. You can see the benefits from it even weeks or years later if followed diligently.

Fix your posture

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of having good posture. Presenting yourself in a tall and confident manner can make you appear  more convincing and credible . It also gives you an aura of a leader who can be trusted, regardless of whatever position you’re in.

This can be a great help when you’re pitching an idea to the boss or asking for an increase. Of course, you have to back it up with data, but they can also find it more believable if you present yourself as such. Body language is incredibly important in almost anything. Slouching or poor posture can make you come off as lazy or unmotivated.

In everything you do, be sure to present yourself in the best way that you can. Taking a bit more effort to clean your face or polish your shoes can quickly become a habit. You will find that doing so will actually make you feel excellent about yourself in the future, and you’ll be glad that you took the time to do it.

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