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Can Moving Improve Your Quality of Life?

The short answer to the question is yes, it can. Believe it or not, your living arrangements can be your main hindrance from pursuing a fit and fulfilling lifestyle. Before you call a local moving company, learn how relocating may make you happier and healthier in the long run.

Changes That You Can Experience

Better living conditions don’t depend on the move alone. There are changes that come with moving and changes that come with what you do with your move. These are the positive changes that you can experience if you decide to pack up and go:

1. Improved memory

The exciting transition caused by a move becomes the backdrop of your memories during this period. Research from the University of Hampshire shows that the newness of this experience makes it a distinctly memorable time in a person’s life. This phenomenon, called the “relocation bump,” makes memories that fall within three years of the move much easier to recall later on.

2. Decluttering

Packing may just be the most tedious part of moving to a new place. There isn’t anything thrilling about having to put your whole life into boxes, isn’t there? Well, there actually could be, and it could be found in the joy of decluttering.

This is the perfect time to KonMari your belongings. It significantly lessens the amount of stuff you will be bringing to your new home, and with it, the stress.

3. Less commuting

The University of Waterloo in Canada conducted a study that showed that long commutes have a detrimental effect on a person’s well-being. People who go on longer commutes experience stress due to the time pressure in having to arrive someplace. The amount of time spent traveling also reduces opportunities for leisure.

Moving to a place—even within the same state—that significantly cuts your commute time can have a positive effect on your mental health. It also frees up your schedule and lets you have more time for activities you enjoy.

4. Better health

Studies have shown that people who live near fitness centers and places for physical activity are healthier. Living further from fast-food restaurants also contributes to this.

Moving will have no automatic effect on health improvement. Leaving nearer facilities that encourage fitness, however, can encourage anyone to become fitter. Ultimately, it is about what you do with the resources that are available to you.

Additionally, scientists have been studying the link between happiness and movement. Research suggests that increased physical activity may even contribute to a happier life.

5. New relationships

Moving to a neighborhood brings in new neighbors along with it. By meeting new people, you can build up a brand-new community for you and your family. A supportive, tight-knit community greatly helps with making a person happier, wherever they may live.

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Minimizing the Stress of Moving

Despite the anticipation of starting anew in a different place, moving comes with its own challenges. Here are simple, practical solutions to keep those stressors to a minimum:

1. Make checklists and stick to them.

Everyone loves the gratification of ticking off things on their to-do list. Don’t treat your move any differently. Break it down into little tasks that will slowly get you to your main goal.

Set practical objectives for yourself. Accomplishing little bits from your list helps you gain the momentum you need to finish the logistical responsibilities of relocating.

2. Don’t prepare on your own.

Uprooting yourself from one place is a lot of work to do by yourself. Call up family or friends to help you with packing up and cleaning or simply to keep you company. Your big move is also an opportunity to bond with your loved ones while being productive.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And don’t hold back your gratitude, too. After you’ve moved, it is a good gesture to send your friends a small gift to show your appreciation for their support.

3. Hire professionals for the move.

The actual act of moving seems like a simple next step of your relocation. It is all fun and games until you’re overwhelmed in the moment, trying to make sure which boxes go where and checking if you have forgotten anything.

Don’t underestimate the difficulty of moving within your state, too. Hire trusted local movers to make it quick, easy, and safe. The few extra bucks may be worth spending to remove unnecessary stress from your shoulders.

Despite the potential benefits, it is true that moving is usually viewed as an exasperating activity. Still, consider the effects it could have on your mental and physical health. A change of scenery could be the key to better satisfaction in your life.

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