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Can You Survive a Zombie Attack?

A zombie attack is very far from happening, but so was the moon landing a couple of decades ago. While a zombie attack is something that is not going to happen anytime soon, it does not mean that some people cannot think of and be ready for it. So how do you build a home that cannot be attacked by hordes of mindless brain-eating creatures?

Doors and Windows

A good and strategic home against a zombie attack is one that has very few windows and doors. While zombies are known to be mindless, they also possess superior strength. By continuously banging on your window, they can break the glass and go inside your home—next thing you know, you’re dead.

Now, since they are brainless, what you can do is to make your door more complicated to operate. Internal sliding glass doors will provide just that. Since you have to slide it instead of pushing it, zombies are now perpetually stuck at banging on your front porch. Of course, you need to make sure that the glass you are using for your door is thick enough to withstand any pressure.

It is also a good idea to reinforce your doors and windows by installing a roll-up shutter that you can pull down if you are already about to call it a day. You would also need to have dark shutters or curtains, as zombies tend to be attracted by bright lights. If they cannot see anything, they do not have any reason to come rushing at your front porch.

Contemporary Layout

If you are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, keep away from houses that have complicated floor plans. Stick to the traditional square or rectangular shape, as these are easier to defend. After all, you have only four sides and four corners to protect compared to houses that have a multitude of open, unsafe spots. A contemporary design will also afford you a good view of all the areas surrounding your home. You can now prepare for any hordes of zombies that may come in any direction.

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Concrete Walls

Concrete walls that are several inches thick are a great way to keep off the zombies from munching on your brain. Concrete is also great at regulating heat, so you need not worry about keeping warm even if there is no more electricity. While you’re at it, consider also getting a concrete slab to protect you from zombies that might be coming from below.

You can also have your walls reinforced even more by planting spikes on the outer perimeter with the pointed end slightly angled to target any zombie who might want to rush in. Your spikes need not be sophisticated as you can actually use wood for this.

Wide Pantry

Once the zombies start attacking, there is very little chance that you can go out every now and then to buy food. You have to plan your trips carefully since you probably do not want to be their next meal. This means that as early as now, you should start building your pantry and stocking it with all the food that you need (or want). Of course, you also need to make sure that you have lots of bottled water. This will swiftly become a scarcity when the undead rise from the grave.

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