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Check the Essentials: 4 Things You Need to Start a Medical Practice

While the NHS does a good job, it is not always sufficient. Private companies have experienced a 53% rise in the self-pay market. That means there is room for more medical practices in the UK, but you need to be prepared to open one.

When starting a medical practice, there are essential things you need. These are the basics your practice will need to operate and provide basic care. These include:

Business office

Where do you intend to work? That is the first question you need to answer. Your medical practice must have a physical location. That is where you will work and meet patients. It must be easily accessible by the community you intend to serve. You must also ensure it meets the safety standards required of medical practices and other businesses in your area.

When choosing a place to work, it is best to deal with a flexible landlord. That is because you may need to make adjustments in your rental space, such as partitioning it to suit the needs of your patients.

Medical equipment

medical equipment

Of course, you need medical equipment to operate as a doctor. These include medical and minor surgical lights for viewing patients and enabling you to see well during minor operations.

Other pieces of equipment you need may include necessary lab testing equipment like microscopes, refrigerators for storing vaccines and medication, stethoscopes and more. Without these essential pieces of equipment, you can’t provide even the basics of medical care, which means you will not be in a position to generate revenues for your medical practice.

Medical business software

While there is nothing wrong with maintaining physical medical practice records, this is the digital era. And that makes the digitisation of documents crucial. So, you need good medical business software.

Your business software can be customised. Or you could opt for existing software that serves medical practices in your health niche. Using the right programs from the beginning will enable you to streamline all your business activities right from the start. You can utilise the software to keep patient records, keep track of the inventory, generate invoices and receipts and communicate to your patients through newsletters.


Employees are a necessary aspect of medical practice. Even if you run a single-doctor practice, you still need help. There is no way you can treat your patients, clean the facility, act as a receptionist and do other tasks that come with operating a business.

For that reason, you need at least one or two employees to help you grow your business. So, consider hiring a receptionist to man your waiting room and a cleaner to maintain hygiene in the workplace. Also, hire other employees or outsource the tasks that you don’t need to complete daily.

It will take a while before you can build your medical practice into a successful clinic or hospital. But if you have the basics, you can get your business off to a great start. As time goes by, you can increase your customers and employees as well as medical equipment. In turn, your medical practice revenues will increase, as well.

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