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Children and the Role of Sports in Their Lives

When you take sports at face value, it seems like it is just one item in a long list of things to do when you are bored. True enough, playing sports does indeed quench your feelings of boredom. You don’t even need to play sports to enjoy them. Even as a spectator, sports can be exhilarating.

With the popularity of sports, it is not surprising for children to look up to athletes and dream of becoming one of them. A poll in 2015 determined that around 3 in 4 adults played a sport in their younger years. Although it also suggested that they stopped later in their lives, it is proof that sports have been integrated into our lives at any given age.

Taking all that into account, does it mean that your kids should participate in sports too? And what can happen if they do pick up a sport?

The Wonders of Sports 

It is undeniable that sports can be fun. Some even become passionate about their love for sports. Kids may pick up sports for the fun of it, but there is more to sports than meets the eye.

Physical Activity 

Most sports involve substantial physical activity. With physical activity, your kids may develop the habit of exercising at a young age. It is always advised that those who regularly play sports often exercise, even when they are not playing, to condition their bodies for physical activity.

If your children participate in any physical sports, be sure to expect that they will be exercising far more often than when they are not playing sports. This can help them control their weight at a young age and can improve their bones, muscles, heart, and lungs.

With that, sports can be good for your kids’ health.


Sports can also have an impact n your child’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is described as one’s perception of personal value. This is generally your opinion of yourself.

Self-esteem can be influenced by multiple things, including praise and encouragement from other people. It has been reported that kids who participate in team sports have a better sense of self and have better self-esteem than their counterparts who aren’t as involved in sports.

With good self-esteem, your kids will learn how to trust themselves better and will know that they are competent. This builds confidence that can be applied not only in sports but also in other aspects of their lives.

kids doing martial arts

Social Skills 

Playing sports can also aid kids in developing their social skills. These are the skills that we use to interact with the greater society. With good social skills, we can build more meaningful relationships with other people.

Team sports can help develop this skill among children. These sports require them to communicate with each other to achieve their common goal. This alone helps them understand about contributing to a shared goal and can prompt them to communicate with their teammates.

With that being said, it is clear that sports can be truly beneficial to your children in a lot of ways. But sports can also pose challenges to your young ones.


Sports and physical activity, in general, are physically demanding. These activities are good for our health, but they also take a toll on the body when done carelessly. If your kids are not careful, they may be subject to injuries that can be dangerous.

When these injuries happen, be sure to consult a pediatrician. They may have to go through therapy and use pediatric medical equipment to aid their recovery.

Injuries are mentally and physically challenging, especially for kids. With that, your kids need to be careful when playing and take every precaution to avoid accidents and injuries.


Your children have other responsibilities to take care of too. They often have to do schoolwork and chores. With that, they may be subject to burnout.

This is not surprising because, again, playing sports is physically demanding, and doing it too much can be exhausting. For that reason, you should make sure that they are getting enough rest and that they manage their time well.


When your kids show an interest in playing a sport, please do avoid putting a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Relieve them of the expectation that they should always win every game.

When you put your highest expectations on them, they may miss the whole point of playing sports in the first place. This unnecessary pressure may cause them to fear losing. Sports should teach your kids how to lose gracefully too.

With all that taken into account, is it wise that your kids pick up a sport?

Should Your Kids Play a Sport?

Yes, sports are encouraged for kids. Sports are a great way to teach them plenty of life lessons. But as parents, you must also make sure to avoid the negative effects of playing too much.

Encourage your kids to play, but do not force them if they do not enjoy it. At the end of the day. What’s important is your child’s enjoyment and development.

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