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Controlling Your Clutter: How to Improve Your Home Storage

Large households tend to have a faster rate of accumulating items. That can lead to a steady buildup of clutter, which eats up most of your home’s space. Eventually, it will become hard to move around the house with the massive amount of stuff you have.

The items aren’t always the issue, however. You might not be utilizing your storage correctly. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can improve your home’s storage capabilities.

Declutter and Donate

You only use about 20% of your items at home. The rest of your household items are still used on rare occasions, but ultimately, they only take up space in your home. Free up your home space by decluttering and reorganizing your items.

One of the best times you can declutter is during spring cleaning. After cleaning your room, sift through your items—like your clothes and accessories. While thinking about what things to keep and throw away, have an unbiased person help you in deciding.

If you can’t do it in one go, you can work gradually by building up your decluttering habits. Take about five minutes to declutter every day. Begin by disposing of one item daily. You can designate containers for things to keep or put away and use them during decluttering time.

Install Outdoor Storage

Sometimes, some items just can’t go but still take up so much space in your home. If that’s the case, you can also have storage buildings installed in your home in Denver. There are a few things to remember when planning out your construction.

An outdoor shed can come in various materials—namely wood, plastic, and metal. When considering what to choose, strike the right balance between aesthetic value and reliability. Don’t forget to consider how it will look in your yard, especially if you like landscaping.

A good shed can withstand any weather condition. It should have good indoor qualities so that your items won’t get damaged. While this usually depends on the shed’s material, a few modifications can be done to improve it. One example is adding insulation to the walls.

Reorganize with Containers

As you get more and more stuff, you’re likely to cram it in any available space in your home. While the extra clutter is one of the main reasons for lack of storage, another possible cause is how you store your items after you declutter.

You should be space-efficient when it comes to reorganizing your items. Make use of designated spaces for them, and avoid mixing your stuff. For example, you can use your vanity drawer to store only your accessories and cosmetic items.

Transparent, sturdy containers are your best friends in reorganizing. Use them to reorganize your item in specific categories and label them for easier finding. You can then store them under your bed or stack them up in your storage space.

Utilize All Your Spaces

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You might not be using all the spaces in your home effectively. Drawers and closets aren’t the only ways to keep your items. Think creatively when considering your storage options.

For example, you can renovate the space under your staircase into a small storage room. If it’s near your door, consider modifying it into a multi-leveled shoe rack. You can also install small drawers and shelves in the sides and bottoms of your counters, cabinets, or appliances.

Improving your storage space isn’t always a good thing, however. It can worsen hoarding habits that no reorganizing can help. Practice decluttering and minimizing your items to have a cleaner and neater home.

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