Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic: Hobbies for People Who Love the Great Outdoors

The great outdoors offers endless possibilities for adventure. No matter where you go, you can find unique experiences that will enrich your life and make you see the planet in a new light. Whether you want to explore the active volcanoes in Hawaii, or head far up north to see the icebergs in Greenland.

However, the pandemic has stopped all adventures from happening. Borders have closed to prevent the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. And, nearly a year after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic, the situation does not look like it will improve any time soon.

Adventure, right now, should only happen at home. How can people who live an active lifestyle and enjoy spending time in nature survive lockdowns and social distancing? Here are a few sample activities to try.


People like you do not thrive by being idle. You need to do something that will keep your mind, and your hands, busy.

Since you love nature, why not try to create home decor or furniture using materials found in nature. You can start with wood.

It is easy to start woodworking. Everything you need, you can purchase from your local hardware store. You do not have to get the power tools immediately. In fact, you can get the lumber you need pre-cut to the exact size requirements of your first project. You would also need a hammer, nail sets, screwdrivers, an assortment of screws, and a tape measure.

When you want to level-up your game, that is when you can start collecting your power tools. You would need different types of saw (circular, jigsaw, table, compound miter), a power drill, and a sander.

An etching machine is for customization purposes. A lot of it is used in large-scale manufacturing, but you can get an etching machine at a price that is quite affordable for small, independent creators.

The secret to DIY, whether you choose to do woodworking or another medium, is to start simple. You cannot expect to build a shed during your first try. Maybe go for a stool or a bookshelf to get used to the processes and procedures before you attempt more complex projects.


If you cannot go to nature because of the lockdowns, bring nature home. Those who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space should take advantage of it during stay-at-home orders. Not everyone has the luxury to step out of their doors and enjoy the warm sunlight.

Start giving your front and back yards a makeover.


Decide how you want your outdoor space to look like, but make sure to include a place to sit down in your design. If you are not big in gardening, pick plants that are low-maintenance. Something that would only need to be watered once a week and would not die if it gets even a drop too much of moisture.

Gardening is a physical activity and, although you are used to more strenuous exercises, it is going to challenge you physically. Moreover, you get to be close to nature, even if you are stuck at home for the time being.


However, if you do not have the space for any of the aforementioned activities, you have one thing that you can do: meditation. Meditation is a practice that can teach you mental resilience.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress by lowering the levels of cortisol, aka the hormone responsible for the fight-and-flight, within the body. Being at home all the time can be quite stressful if you are the type to enjoy going out to explore and have an adventure.

When you start experiencing cabin fever, meditate. The benefits of meditation have been tested among prisoners in one study conducted in the Philippines as a way to make the experience a sense of freedom of the mind in confinement. If it worked for them, it will work for people who are stuck but comfortable at home.

Learn About the Environment

Now is a great time to get to know nature better. There are tons of documentaries and books about Earth. On Netflix, watch David Attenborough’s “Our Planet,” a series that explores the natural beauty of the world and its inhabitants. There are only eight episodes in the series, but it will open your eyes to the wonders of the planet, and everything that can potentially destroy it.

The pandemic has been tough, but everyone has to stay put a little longer. By the time the virus has been eliminated, hopefully, things can go back to normal and you can head out to the great outdoors once again.

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