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COVID-19 Pandemic: A Change in Perception of Physical Activity

Until 2019, what did being healthy mean to you? Having a toned body translated to good health. Any person who fit the aesthetic standards would be called healthy. But something changed after COVID-19 broke out. In 2020, immunity was the prime health concern for most people, as it was the weapon against COVID-19.

Now that vaccines are in place, people are going back to their normal lifestyle. However, the meaning of health has changed forever. You might notice that people are becoming more health-conscious. It’s not just about building a workout routine but also adopting a healthy lifestyle.

If an ideal body is your motivation to work out, you might lack the overall development that everyone’s aiming for. There’s no doubt that physical fitness is essential, but focusing only on the body is not the goal anymore. Holistic wellness, which centers on mental health, is what everybody wants.

How the Pandemic Changed the Perception of Fitness

When you were trapped inside your house, how did you take care of your health? The obvious answers are — taking regular vitamins, working out, and a healthy diet. The reason behind doing that is safety. You wanted to be safe from the virus as people were literally dying.


Now that the chaos is almost over, would you go back to your earlier lifestyle? Research shows that most people are choosing to cut down on unhealthy habits permanently. They are actively trying to reduce overconsumption of alcohol, cigarettes, junk, and processed food. People are making long-term changes, and it’s visible.

Fitness rituals are still the same, but the motivation behind them has changed. Holistic wellness is the goal now. More and more people around the world are ditching the idea of an ideal body. This mindset is linked to eating disorders and body image issues. It would be best if you still worked out, not to look good but to feel good.

Since late 2020, discussions over a healthy diet have peaked on social media. Nutritionists, dietitians, and fitness trainers are focusing on the transformation of eating habits. People are including greens in their diets and cutting down on processed food. If you’re good at cooking healthy meals or make delicious smoothies, now is a great time to monetize your skills.

Healthy food options are in demand. Opening a vegan restaurant or starting a juice bar business can earn you a handsome income.  The stigma behind a strict diet with no fat is coming to an end. If you follow influencers on Instagram, they’re changing the way they talk about diet. The trend has shifted from starving yourself to creating a healthy lifestyle that guarantees long-term wellness.

Increased Focus on Mental Health

Quarantine shot up the cases of depression up to 18% in the U.S. More and more people stood up for this cause on the internet and talked about their problems. Students faced a lot of mental health issues as they lost precious college years. This time is vital for social growth and development.

Working from home also dragged people to anxiety as they were in front of the screens all day. All these brought a heightened discussion about mental health. Complimentary therapies are now being offered to people who need them. It’s a part of your overall health.

Shannon O’ Neil, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Psychology at Mount Sinai West, confirms that an increased number of people are feeling anxious post-Covid as they face difficulty adapting to the new normal. According to her, there will be a significant adapting period that most people will go through.

During this time, it’s advised to indulge in adventurous physical activities that encourage you to get up from bed each day. These include:

  • Hiking: Hiking is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. This combines walking and nature, which are the golden rejuvenators. Going on a short hike after a busy day can set you up for excellent health and a calm mind. The best part is, hikes always lead to great views.
  • Swimming: Who doesn’t like a good swim in summer? This activity works your whole body while relaxing your mind. Swimming is so good that you don’t even realize that you’re exercising.
  • Rock climbing: This is an extreme adventure sport that most people steer clear of. But it’s super fun if you do it under proper guidance. Rock climbing often leads to gorgeous views and a great sense of achievement.

These are the fitness trends that will shape the post-COVID world. It’s high time you stop chasing the summer body and focus on holistic wellness; that’s the only way to keep your mind and body healthy. Fitness is much more than looking good; it is about being happy and healthy inside out.

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