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Dirty Areas Around the Home That You Often Forget to Clean

Keeping the house neat and tidy is no easy task, regardless of the size of your home. It can be even more challenging to maintain cleanliness when you miss a few spots or areas that require your attention.

While cleaning these three areas will require more attentiveness on your part, the good news is that there are relatively easy solutions you can apply for each situation.

1. Appliances

The underside of appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and toasters will collect dust and dirt over time. Additionally, many of these appliances will also accumulate food spills and crumbs inside them and can potentially attract unwanted pests.

Action to take

Ideally, you should make sure these machines are free of dust and dirt every week. When using the toaster or microwave, ensure that food leftovers and crumbs are not left lying around.

Refrigerators should be scheduled for cleaning every month. Check if there are any spoiled food inside that needs to be thrown to the trash. Wipe down the internal walls and floors as well. The area where vegetables and other perishables are stored is notorious for gathering molds and rotten items – especially if you’re not mindful of checking it frequently.

2. Faucets, showerheads, drain covers

You may be regularly cleaning the bathroom in general, but how often do you clean specific areas like the faucets, showerheads, and drain covers? In damp environments, mold and mildew can quickly set in these areas.

Action to take

It’s a good idea to invest in an exhaust fan that will help in letting moisture escape the room. If it’s within budget, get a humidistat, which can automatically detect if there’s too much moisture and make the necessary ventilation adjustments. But that’s not all you should do.

Wipe down sink drains and faucets regularly with a special cleaning solution and make sure there is no dirt or molds. Do the same with showerheads. Check your shower drain if there is a significant build-up of hair that can block water flow.

Ideally, you should be replacing your shower curtains with a fresh set every month and thoroughly wash old ones for future use. Mold and mildew often accumulate in the bottom areas of the curtain, where there is frequent contact with water and wet feet.

Bathroom showerhead

3. Overhead areas

Overhead areas in the home where you find family photos, windows, curtain rods, ceiling, and exhaust fans, are also places where dust and dirt can quickly pile up.

Action to take

Dirty windows can easily be spotted, and it can be an unsightly view, especially if you have visitors around. Every week, wipe down windows with a wet rag to make sure they are always in pristine condition. Take down family photos to give them a good wipe down as well. Ceiling and exhaust fans should be cleared of dirt every one to two months.

It can be a bit challenging to clean these areas as they can be hard to reach more often than not. In such cases, you may hire window cleaning services, curtain cleaning services, or other professionals who specialize in certain areas of the house.

Keep your eyes peeled.

There are many more areas that you’re likely to overlook when cleaning the home. Find the ones that apply to you, and don’t miss them next time around to keep everything nice and clean.

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