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Dressing for the Alps: Everything Your Little Skier Needs

Packing for a ski trip is a daunting task. However, packing for a family winter trip sounds like a nightmare. If this is your first time traveling to the Alps with children in tow, do not fret. Here are a few essentials to remember before you head to the mountains.

Outer Layer

Your children will need to wear items of clothing that will allow them to have fun in the ski resort. These include an excellent waterproof, insulated jacket that can keep the snow out and the warmth in. The Obermeyer ski jacket for kids, for example, has water-resistant lamination to block moisture and faux fur insulation to keep the wearer cozy in below-freezing temperatures.

A one-piece ski suit might look good on smaller children, but keep in mind that it would be more challenging to remove. Two-piece outerwear consisting of a ski jacket and pants is more manageable to remove whenever your child needs to use the bathroom.

Base Layer

What your child wears under their ski jacket and pants are equally important. When people, especially children, do high-energy physical activities, such as skiing or snowboarding, they sweat.

When packing for your child’s first ski trip, opt to bring clothing with fabrics that do not absorb moisture. Instead, look for clothing made from special fabrics that “wick” or draw moisture away from the body. Synthetic materials, such as nylon and polyester, are known to wick moisture and dry quickly.

Traditionally, wool is a popular choice among skiers because it has exceptional moisture and temperature regulation. The downside of wool, however, is, take takes longer to dry and might shrink if not used properly.

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Snow Boots

Do not forget to pack snow boots for when your kids are off of the slopes. The perfect pair of snow boots should be well-insulated and waterproof. Go for snow boots that have a removable liner that your child can easily pull out and leave near the fireplace to dry when not in use.

When buying snow boots, make sure that they allow room for thicker ski socks.

Ski Accessories: Gloves, Goggles, Hat

Items of clothing that will come in contact with snow, including mittens or gloves, should be water-resistant. For children, get a pair that have cords or straps around the wrists to prevent them from losing their gloves.

Goggles are also a must. Pack a pair to protect your child’s eyes from the sun and snow.

It’s best to bring a hat that covers the ears to keep your child warm when they are not wearing their helmets. Thick-knitted beanies, fleece-lined trapper hats, or earmuffs are great for apres ski or after-ski activities.


Pack a small rucksack for your child with essentials such as sunscreens and lip salves, tissues, wet wipes, water, and snacks. They can use the items whenever they need to without you rushing to their aid. You’d also find the things you need in their bag.

Expert Skiers’ Advice: Bring Spare Items

Forget minimalist packing. When traveling with children, guardians should pack spare clothing in case of emergencies.

In possible, bring a second insulated jacket for your child to wear when not skiing. Ski jackets, when used all day, can get wet when it is snowy. It is best to hang ski jackets to dry when not in use and have a second winter jacket to wear for other activities.

While packing can be stressful, it should never get in the way of having fun. Spending time with your family and creating lasting memories should be your utmost priority.

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