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Extreme Sports and Business Success: What’s the Connection?

Have you ever tried bungee jumping or skydiving? For some, these activities are great experiences where they learn new things or bragging rights. But others do extreme sports regularly. These activities pose significant dangers; yet, they attract people who are prepared to put their lives in search of a rush of adrenaline and excitement.

A great adrenaline rush feels like a powerful fuel to the body and brain. Most people are not up for the challenge of extreme activities. Some would rather sweat it out at the gym or would instead do exercises alone. Yet, not only are adventurous and extreme sports right for your physical and mental health, but they can also help you in other areas of your life. There are many parallels between extreme sports and making difficult business decisions. Here’s why men who do extreme sports are more likely to succeed in their professional pursuits.

They are better communicators

Research shows that people who participate in extreme sports are more extroverted, open, and agreeable than non-athletes. As they are more relaxed, they are more likely to express their needs to their colleagues.

As extroverts, they tend to have a broader base of influence. With their connections, they know who to talk to if they need help with a new project. Compared to business leaders who like to work on their own, these people are also great collaborators.

They are more likely to go to uncharted territories.

Men who do extreme sports are more likely to discover new things––whether in their personal or business life. They do not follow the trend; they set the trend. As trailblazers, they pave the way for the next big thing. Their self-determination and self-expression reflect the best of their professional work.


They acknowledge the need for risk management

Extreme activities require a lot of planning over fine details. Cyclists and mountaineers plan their routes and their gears. As much as they can, these people will hold on to the things that they can control.

However, there are times when things they cannot control hamper their performance. There might be a storm in the middle of a climb or an equipment failure. These people know when something can still be saved, and when they can not control the situation. Even in their competitive nature, they know when to stop and take a rest.

Risk management does not exist to extinguish all possible risks, but it is practiced to minimize the potential consequences of these risks. Without risk management, it is impossible to foresee one’s plans for the future. The possibility of untimely death is always on the table when one does extreme sports. This is why these people at work still have a backup plan in case things do not turn out well.

Even in their personal and business lives, they can prepare for the worst. Their ability to manage risks empowers them with tools that can help them get back to their feet in no time. That’s why they always have their business or homeowners insurance as a safety net for the unknown.

Their practice helps them become more self-confident

These people are natural learners. As reckless as these athletes may seem, many go through training to perform their best. Hours of practice build a routine and a discipline that shapes their views in life. As they build their skills through practice, they become more confident in taking on different tasks.

Men who do extreme sports make wiser business decisions

To say that men who do extreme sports are fearless is a hasty generalization. The rush of doing something extreme indeed affects a person’s mood and overall mental health. However, this does not mean that they do not experience fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Yet, the difference between those who like to pursue extreme activities than those who do not is that they let fear flow for their own advantage. It helps them make wiser decisions, ones that they know they will not regret. These men work around the uncertainty, which keeps them grounded.

They gain from their losses

As they say, practice makes perfect. Of course, things will not always be according to plan. Men who do extreme sports are more likely to learn from their mistakes. As experience is the best teacher, knowing where things went wrong first-hand gives them a different perspective. They understand and adapt to make up for any failure. They are more likely to bounce back faster when faced with setbacks. They will not waste time but will move forward confidently.

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