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These Extreme Sports Can Easily Get You Apprehended

Not all sports are created equal. There are some that are highly praised for the concept. But there are others that are incriminating. So before showing off that exhilarating talent, you may wanna assure first that you’re not getting in trouble with the law.

Some of these activities are widely known. But this doesn’t mean they are legal everywhere. An innocent recreation can even make you serve time. The key here is the place where you’re supposed to do these things. Be mindful at all times when doing the following sports, so you don’t end up in jail.


This extreme sport that originated in France gained notoriety for its adrenaline-pumping execution. A lot of traceurs are getting traction online for uploading their stunts. Their death-defying acts are so satisfying to watch from a first-person perspective. But clearly, not everyone is impressed. Like this instance when Florida State University has instituted a ban on the sport.

The city of Margate, FL also did the same by banning it in its public parks. Not to mention different states have very strict laws for trespassing. Some are even against it for fear of property damage or injury. If you’re getting into parkour, just make sure to study your state regulations for the sports. Check for public parks where you can do it without breaking the law.


“Skateboarding is not a crime” but if you’re broke and wanted to skateboard, don’t do it on the streets of San Francisco. You can get fined cause doing it in the streets there is illegal. Again, there are laws for trespassing. Skateboarding in places that you’re not allowed to can get you jailed. It’s not worth it to get in trouble with the police for breaking skateboarding laws. Especially, when there are designated areas to do the activity safely. Skateboarding is edgy when done right by not harming anyone.


It’s bouldering but it’s done on buildings. Some daredevils take it to the extreme with their urban take on rock climbing. But of course, there are repercussions. You may have seen Alain Robert on TV. He’s also known as the “French Spiderman” for climbing buildings in different parts of the world. Chances are you may have seen his arrests too. A simple Google search of his name and the word “arrest” will show you how many times he’s been seized by authorities.

The sport typically involves breaking and trespassing that’s why it’s deemed illegal. If you’re going to follow his steps, might as well do it legally. Or you could just contact a bail bondsman to get you out of jail if you’re arrested.

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Train Surfing

Bad news, you can’t live your life like how they do it on “Subway Surfer.” The US has strict laws punishing train surfers. Train surfers are people who ride the exterior of a moving train. Since train tracks are federal property, you could get charged with felony trespassing. The dangerous nature of train surfing is a reasonable factor for it to be illegal. You could be killed and it’s going to cause disruption to the whole train system.

Imagine how many people would be inconvenienced if the train had to stop just to scrape your corpse. So let’s just leave train surfing to James Bond.

Drag Racing

As you probably know already, car racing can get you driving directly behind bars. It’s a misdemeanor if no one was hurt. But if someone was fatally injured, it’s going to be a felony. Regardless of the circumstance, you can get served a warrant for doing it. So get inside your car and race to safety instead. This is not the time for your Fast & Furious fantasy.

BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is the act of jumping from a stable platform or structure with a parachute for a safe landing. Based on the description, this looks like something you would really need a permit for to execute. Otherwise, you might get arrested like this case that happened in 2014. Three men were convicted of reckless endangerment after jumping off the One World Trade Center. Their parachutes helped them land in jail.

Thrill-seekers love adventures like the ones mentioned above. Getting high from something so exhilarating is an unmatched feeling. But it’s still important that we have to follow the law. Along with that, do recreational activities that are within guidelines. Don’t do the ones that are prohibited. There’s always gonna be a lot of ways to do things safely and legally. Experience more fun in doing things guilt-free. It’s better to be safe than sorry

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