Food Biz 101: Starting a Food Production Business

If you are looking for business ideas, you can invest your money in, consider the food production business. Unlike other industries where you experience highs and lows in demand regularly, the demand for food is constant, and even grows. It’s because we all need to eat, so unlike other goods that you can hold off purchase anytime, with food, you just can’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to succeed with minimal efforts. You need to prime yourself for success.

Don’t know what to do and where to start? Here are things you can do.

Diligence Helps, Do Your Market Research

If you will spend thousands of dollars on a business venture, do everything to ensure success. One of the first steps is to conduct market research, which will help you identify if your offerings really match the needs of your target customers. This will help you come up with the price, portions, packaging, and more.

You can also conduct competitor research, which will help you check what products or services overlap with theirs. You can ensure that you have competitive pricing to match theirs.

Your initial market research will also be useful down the line after several years of operation. You can use that data as a baseline for success. Check your market share, your competitors, and other information that could be useful.

Have the Right Tools

Even if you’re just starting a food manufacturing business, it’s still recommended to get a setup geared towards commercial success. Instead of relying on regular household equipment, invest in a commercial kitchen. This way, you can prepare food in large batches, and you won’t have to worry about shortages and backlogs in orders for a long time, not unless there’s a boost in demand for your products. If you don’t have the capital to get a commercial kitchen set up, you can just rent one monthly, with size and equipment customized depending on your needs.

For containers, instead of buying them off the shelf in stores, why don’t you order them custom made, in bulk, from the manufacturer? Look for aninjection mold manufacturer and get a quote on how much a few thousand containers would cost versus buying them in small amounts. Usually, you get a significant discount when you order in bulk.

Leverage Social Media


If you’re just starting with your business, chances are, your budget is probably drained, with none left for other functions like marketing. Your best bet would be to set up accounts on various social media platforms and market your brands from there. It may require a bit of effort, especially if you have a target market. You want to craft posts that don’t just get likes and shares, but also encourage others to check out your brand.

You need a brand page on Facebook, where you can post various products or service offerings and get followed by your target customers. To showcase your food products, you can rely on Instagram to show buzz-worthy pictures of whatever it is you’re selling.

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