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Gateway to Adventure: A Guide to Buying a Vacation House

All that longing for adventure (and the adrenaline rush that comes with it) will tell you buying a place in the sun is a logical move. It’s the piece of the puzzle that would make everything whole. So, when stress starts to overwhelm you, affects your focus, and lowers your productivity, you have a place to go. Think swimming, surfing, surfboarding, fishing. A relaxing holiday is ready to take you away from it all.

However, note that choosing a vacation home by the sea isn’t actually a piece of cake. As you want to get the most bang for your buck, you wouldn’t want a place that would give you more headaches as time goes by. It’s important then that you take a closer look into a property before you even decide to buy. Lest you forget, not every beach house on the planet is created equal. And not every location is ideal.

Luckily, a slew of beachfront properties and coastal towns should pique your interest. To narrow down your search, you need to start with your budget. Take time to plot how much money you’re willing to part to make this endeavor a reality. Moreover, enlisting a certified real estate agent who has experience in beach property deals should bid you well. For best results, make sure you keep these considerations in mind.

Clarity of Purpose

It might sound strange to you. But the first thing you got to do to zero in on a beach property is taking time to examine your purpose in buying one. In thinking about what you need the property for, it would give you specific criteria to be met to serve that purpose.

Although a beach house can be your launching pad for a slew of sea escapades you’re planning, take note that different activities require different beach qualities. If you’re wanting to party like crazy in your beach house when you come over, for instance, finding one that’s settled near posh residential homes might be a problem.

Lest you forget the importance of purpose, the spat of two Bahamas billionaire neighbors that turned ugly ending in court should remind you. One loves to party, the other wants something else.

Location, location, location

Once you’ve narrowed down your purpose, gather your options. Cross-check these options with your criteria for buying. Ask yourself, then, what makes a specific area fit your list? Will it serve your purpose?

How about the amenities? Are there restaurants to serve you? Or grocery? If you’re into scuba, is there a community of certified instructors around? Will the sea offer you the tall waves you need if you’re into surfing? And if you want peace at night, will you get it? Having a beachfront property beside a frat house is the last thing you need if that’s the case.

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Inspect It

This is where you look into the sturdiness of the house itself. You don’t want a property that vanishes in thin air after a few months, right? In this regard, a thorough inspection by qualified professionals should bid you well.

For one, pests such as termites and carpenter ants are notorious for exacting substantial damage to untended properties. Having experienced professionals check for past termite activity and control can bring things into perspective.

You must check a property’s integrity as chances are you won’t be staying for long in a vacation house. You’re bound to leave it from time to time, which means you will have to maintain it from afar.

In this regard, you will have to get the property insured if you choose to buy it. Know that different factors come into play, such as zip codes and flood zones. Thus, you should give insurance companies a call. Or, for that matter, ask around. Check if wind coverage and flood insurance can be covered. The important thing is you shop around so that you can compare the prices of insurance premiums and coverage amounts.

Live In It

Before you buy a car, getting it for a test drive is wise. That allows you to have a good feel of the machine before putting your foot down. That approach should serve you well when buying beachfront property.

Know that not only is a beach vacation home a great way for you to relax, but it’s also a worthy investment that can generate substantial income. You can let your vacation home be rented while you’re away, for instance.

Therefore, the best way to know how good a beach house is is to live in it before buying it. The owner who wants to sell shouldn’t mind you staying for a day or two to check things out. If he does mind, that should raise a red flag.

When you experience spending time on a property, you’re in a better position to decide. And open doors to a never-ending adventure.

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