Generation Z: What Could They Offer the Workforce?

Gen Z is considered part of the younger batch in the workforce. But this does not mean they can’t step in and be as competent as those much older. One of the attributes of this generation is that they are so much more aware and open-minded. This gives them an edge when working; they don’t simply follow the book but understand thoroughly how things are done.

It is safe to say that most of them are career-driven and want to move up. This comes as an advantage because they are very hardworking to achieve their goals and further their career. And especially when still starting a new job, these young people are motivated to work; they are eager to learn and hone their skills. If this would take them hours to do, then they wouldn’t mind so much at all. If millennials want to work in construction, they will try their hardest to pass the CSCS Test that could allow them to work in the industry.

But being a workaholic might be their disadvantage when all they can think of is working and pay little attention to their social and well-being.

Another thing that these young people are pretty known for in their place of work is their fresh new ideas. They can contribute their knowledge that will indeed become beneficial to their job and their workplace. As we know, they understand most of the trends right now and relate to most people, so it is effortless for them to pitch in ideas that would cater to many people.

Why is Gen Z on top of the workforce?

  1. They know how to communicate

    Gen Z is very engaging when they are working. They know how to communicate, especially when it comes to probing. They know how to tell supervisors what they need.

  2. Diverse

    Most of the young people are keen to work in a diverse company. Gone are the days where there is a divide between workmates. Millennials mastered the art of co-existing with each other.

  3. Negotiations

    Gen Z knows what they want, especially when it comes to negotiating. Gone are the days where people used to agree to everything.

  4. Teamwork

    As they say, teamwork makes the dream work. These young people work so well with teams. They give out ideas, and they accept ideas from other team members. It is not just about “I and me” for them; they are open to new ideas from other voices.

  5. Competitive

    They are very competitive. They like to excel all the time. They find ways to always rise to the occasion. They have the drive that other generations did not master.

  6. Passionate

    They are passionate about their jobs. They don’t care about the money; they care about how well they are going to present and deliver their jobs well.

  7. Open to Feedback

    Whether it is good feedback or a bad one, millennials know how to accept it. They don’t cry in front of their bosses because of bad feedback; they know how to suck it up and smile. When they are given feedback, they graciously accept them with open arms.

Well, people know how important feedback is. And they understand where they stand about it. While being in the younger batch in the workforce, Generation Z’s young adults want to absorb and learn as much as they need. They want to try new things and be given opportunities to do so. They are strong enough to carry such responsibilities, which would definitely help them succeed later on. They gladly receive all sorts of criticism that would help them be better.

And we also know how they are very much familiar with the use of technology, which means that they can find ways to maximize their time in no time. They practically grew up with the start of technology and can find themselves comfortable with it. With the technology we have now, they stand to be very beneficial in their workplace. And on that note, while most people or workplaces are now shifting to online working, they could be a tremendous help for those who are still adjusting.

In the end, Gen Z’s young adults are such a great addition to the existing workforce. For various reasons, one is their work ethic and how they want things to be done, and how they perform well in work. Another is their openness and awareness that they don’t just stop giving service to their workplace but how they perform as responsible citizens who want to contribute to their society and respect everyone they get to meet. We are fortunate to have millennials in the workforce for their new ideas, work attributes, passion, and many more.

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