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Mother (Nature) Knows Best: Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

There’s a reason people call the planet Mother Earth. Mothers nurture. From the moment a person is conceived, a mother nourishes them in the womb. What the mother eats, the baby inside also gets a piece of. Some behavioral experts even insist that the emotional maturity of the mother affects the unborn baby to a large degree. While that can undoubtedly be contentious, it’s no secret that mothers play a central role in the young child’s emotional quotient (EQ).

Studies show children who are taught emotional self-control at a young tender age are twice more likely to find success in life than those children who don’t. Plus, children with reduced compulsivity and who display good self-control are less likely to turn to vices such as drug abuse and alcoholism.

But as valuable as it is to provide emotional support for your child, you have to tend to your home’s changing needs. That’s especially true with your prospects this wintertime.

Indeed, you will have to keep your home as warm and welcoming as possible when the sweater weather drops. As statistics would show, winter isn’t a good ally when it comes to health. In America, twice as many people die during the winter months than the hot summer ones. You might find that thought surprising. Know that as the mercury drops, your body’s immune system also dips.

Luckily, there are easy ways for you to winter-proof your precious abode in a cinch. Taking action on these proven methodologies this fall should be spot on for you. Indeed, the best time to prepare for winter is before it knocks at your door. As a mom, you know that better than anyone.

Be Strategic

Come to think of it, getting your body ready for winter may look like a walk in the park. You can wear gloves, a scarf, and thick clothing to ward off the cold in a snap. But making your home winter-ready is a different story altogether. We’ve been fighting the cold since the first European settlers landed on the mainland. But many in those early settlements succumb to diseases.

Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to organize your home to be able to stand the challenges of winter. When you do that, the financial benefits should outweigh all your apprehensions in prepping your precious abode.

Right off the bat, you will have to look into the insulation of your house. If you don’t, energy is bound to slip through the cracks of your property (e.g., windows, doors, attic). For one,  if you’re putting your faith in decades-old heating systems, you’re bound to waste a lot of energy pursuing comfort. So being strategic about it should ensure you get a chunk of change once summer sets in.

Break It to Pieces

The trick to get you going without putting a lot of burden on your shoulders is to cut the job to smaller pieces.  A huge to-do list is bound to be overwhelming. So the best way to go about it is to take up two or three jobs every two to three weekends. Plus, you’d do yourself a lot of favor if you let each member of the family pitch in.

Steps to a Winter-ready Home

Step 1: Prep the Plumbing

The cold is bound to freeze standing water. So before the winter arrives, drain the remaining water in your garden hoses and outdoor faucets. Make sure you also have those pipes of your in-ground sprinklers blown out. Put your garden hoses indoors.

Track “problem” pipes that are highly likely to freeze. Have them heat-taped so the cold won’t affect them so much. Make sure all your family members are familiar with turning off the water source in case of extreme weather sets in. If not, you will have a problem letting water in once the pipes freeze.

It’s best to let professional plumbing services check your home system. With the right tools and expertise, an experienced professional should save you a lot of trouble.

Step #2: Heat Things Up

It’s simple. You need to prep your heating mechanisms to get your winter going. That means checking if your fireplace and chimney are working fine. Again, you should let a professional do the checking for you to ensure you’re getting the job done and in time.

Step #3: Seal the Leaks

A small hole can sink a big ship. Though it may take some time, drafts at home can bloat your monthly bill like no other. So make sure you keep them to the utmost minimum. An infrared camera can be a godsend in this regard. If you employ one in time, your precious abode could be most ready for winter in no time, making you a most adorable mother.

Winter can be a harsh season to deal with. So keep yourself and your loved ones safe and comfortable by getting your home ready for it.

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