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Go Off The Beaten Path With These Unorthodox Health Treatments

Experts are always pushing the cutting edge when it comes to health and wellness treatments. They want their patients to feel better. They can be very effective, but sometimes they can come in unusual forms. If you are adventurous when it comes to improving your general wellness, here are some groundbreaking procedures that will have you feeling in top condition.


The usual approach, when it comes to wellness is the presence of warmth. The heat and smoke of a sauna could help purify the body and to improve the immune system. The problem with the traditional saunas is that it is often a group activity, and many people often do not want to sweat it out in groups. Also, some people cannot stand the heat. But there is an option, and it focuses on an almost freezing temperature.

Cryotherapy is a revolutionary wellness treatment that involves dipping the body in really cold temperatures. Usually, this involved a set-up similar to a tanning bed, but instead of UV rays, there is ice and cold air exposure. It usually lasts around three to five minutes for safe exposure.

But in that short time, there are a lot of benefits. For one, the cool temperature helps fight body pain. Research shows that the cold can provide some relief from chronic muscular pain and even help with muscular healing. It can even help with some skin conditions like eczema and warts. It helps that the process is generally safe. Once you get used to it, it shouldn’t be as awkward when you experience it.

IV Therapy

Another unique wellness treatment is IV therapy. It involves using an IV drip to directly deliver nutrients into the body. Instead of having to pass through your gastrointestinal system, which can result in waste, your body can get the full benefits. This is a revolutionary approach and can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you feel low in energy so you might want an IV pack that will provide all the energy boost that you need. The great thing about this approach is that it is very easy-to-find. Operators can set up a health and wellness franchise that features IV therapy with little investment and minimal training.

People will only need to drop by one of these IV therapy locations and hook up a bag. A single treatment will take up to an hour. Depending on the mixtures insides the IV bag, the treatment can be less than a hundred dollars. More expensive mixtures can raise the price.

Leech Therapy

For those with stronger stomachs, there is leech therapy. It is a rather interesting treatment that stems from the ancient practice of using leeches to drain away excess blood. Nowadays, leeches are still in use because of their medicinal properties. This is thanks to the secretions they have that stop blood from coagulating. This allows for cleaner and better healing but also provides additional benefits.

For example, people with heart disease often undergo leech therapy because they can greatly help the blood flow in your body. This is thanks to their secretions ability to break down blood clots.

It even has a use for those looking to improve their looks. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery usually takes time to heal. But with leeches, soft tissue healing is much faster in some areas of the body. This includes the nose, the forehead, the breasts, and the cheeks. The leeches encourage blood flow into these areas, helping in the healing process. Those who are balding even take the chance and apply them to the scalp in hopes of regrowing hair.

Dolphin Therapy


It is not just physical healing that can be non-standard. For those who like cute animals, dolphin therapy is a great option. Known as some of the smartest creatures in the ocean, dolphins are great to meet up close. But it seems exposure to them can also help people’s mental conditions. Mainly focused on children with special needs, dolphin therapy programs can also be of great help to those with anxiety and depression. This is thanks to the relaxing water environment and the dolphins themselves. Positive experiences with animals are great for the mood and can make it even better with regular play. There are even hints that the ultrasound that dolphins emit may have positive effects.

Some wellness treatments can seem a bit out there, but there is no arguing how effective they are. Some can be uncomfortable, while others will take getting used to. Besides that, these are just a few of the new treatments that are out there. Seek out more if you want to look for more groundbreaking wellness options.

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