Guide to Preparing for a Hiking Trip

The past few months have been enormously stressful. Aside from the pandemic restrictions and mandates placed for everyone, the fact that most of what will happen in the future is highly uncertain. Every time we hear about a new variant of the virus, our panic levels start to rise all over again. The new strains seem to be more contagious compared to the 2019 strain.

New lockdowns and restrictions are being imposed in different countries in light of the discoveries. Stringent safeguards are placed for those traveling internationally. You cannot set foot in other countries without undergoing the mandatory testing and quarantine period.

However, now is not the time to fret. Pharmaceutical companies are striving hard to get you the vaccine that covers all different types of the COVID virus. Restrictions and lockdown protocols around in the different states are slowly being eased out and lifted. As the nature of the virus gets revealed more each day, time dedicated for quarantine when traveling gets shortened each time.

While we wait for the perfect time to seek new adventures abroad, why don’t we consider going on a local adventure? Instead of traveling to a different country where there is more risk of contracting the virus, why don’t you go for a hike in a nearby mountain where there is a lesser chance of interacting with people and getting sick?

How do you prepare for a hiking trip? How do you prepare for a getaway you deserve?

Mentally Prepare

Before you leave, you have to leave no stone unturned. Don’t leave any task hanging. It is important that you have to be mentally ready for the trip so that you enjoy it fully. You would not want anything bothering your mind while you are on your trip. Pay your bills so that you do not think about them while on the hike. Have your house cleaned so that you return to a clean dwelling place once your trip is finished. Have your equipment maintained and repaired so that you would not think about them incessantly while on the trip; call the vacuum repair specialists, the plumber, or the electrician, depending on your needs.

Get Fit

Hiking is not an activity a first-timer can do. For you to prepare for your trip, you should get fit and ready. Getting your stamina up is a requirement when hiking to a place that involves some elevation. Air can get too thin for untrained lungs. Preparing your legs and lungs for the hike is important. Also, hiking alone can take a toll on your legs and can become dangerous if cramps happen. Never force your legs to go for a hike when they are not ready.

Hiking Plans

If you are planning to hike alone, you better tell someone that you are going somewhere and that you intend to return on a specific date. How else can people know where to look for you if you are stuck in an emergency? What if you get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Telling someone where you are supposed to be will make it easier for rescue to find you, heaven forbid.

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Minimal Load

An important rule to remember in hiking is that you only bring what you need. Hiking involves walking miles and miles of uphill pathways and forests. Bringing stuff you will not use on your trip will only slow you down. Bringing only the necessities is a vital factor to the success of your hiking trip. The lesser the weight, the better.

Bringing Water

Never mind the food. Not having enough water can dehydrate you in three days. Always remember to bring drinkable water on your journey to wherever. Water is one of the hardest resources to acquire in the forest or mountain. While water streams and springs are abundant in some forests, it is better to be safe than sorry. You should bring enough water for your trip to and from your journey.

Function Over Fashion

While you always would like to look cool, functional clothing should supersede any fashionable but useless piece of clothing you will wear and bring on your trip. Temperature drops can occur easily a sudden in any unfamiliar environment. Wearing the appropriate clothing can protect you from the harsh elements.

Weather Report

You should also check the weather forecast for the days you will be on a hike. Knowing in advance the weather report over the area can be helpful in your preparation for your trip. Knowing whether to bring sunscreen or mosquito repellants can work wonders in making your hike as comfortable as possible.

Hiking can remove the stress you accumulated over the months of staying at home. Make sure you are ready to make the most of the journey.

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