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Here’s Why Life is Just Better With Healthy Teeth

Taking care of one’s dental health should not be an afterthought. Just because it’s not hurting doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention. It’s a body part that is difficult to monitor without the appropriate tools. Going to the dentist is the only way to ensure that everything is fine and none of those pearly whites are in danger.

Moreover, having healthy teeth just makes life a little better. It makes a person eat properly, have clearer speech, better confidence, and look good. There really is nothing to lose.

Eat Better

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. The happiness it brings when you finally eat one big meal after forgetting to eat at the end of a busy day. The sheer moment of excitement when somebody discovers good food in a new restaurant. It can also be the comfort provided by a tub of ice cream when life is not going your way.

All these can be wholeheartedly enjoyed when nothing hurts with every bite. If a person experiences a sensitive tooth or a cavity, their eating habits can be compromised. When they are recovering from tooth surgery, the most they can do is drink soup and ingest overly soft food.

Clearer Speech

Taking care of your teeth is not just about appearance. It affects several aspects of one’s health such as the jaw and a person’s speech. Orthodontic appliances can cause changes in speech. A person may experience difficulties saying the /i/, /a/, /e/, /s/, /z/, /l/, /t/, /d/, /r/, and /ʃ/. Through time, their speech can go back to normal, but it does not beat completely taking it off. Of course, they will have to wait until their teeth are all good before their doctor can recommend doing such.

Improved Confidence

When going to a job interview, seeing a smile on the interviewer’s face is a huge relief. In the same token, putting on a smile yourself can make you look more confident and presentable. A smile tricks the brain to be happy, as it prompts the release of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins. There is also an addition of neuropeptides to this happiness cocktail. What makes it better is that a smile is contagious, so you are making other people happy as well.

Therefore, being confident in your smile is necessary to avoid hesitation in smiling during certain instances. The smile should come in an instant, anytime, and anywhere.

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Have People Write Songs About Your Smile

There are thousands — probably millions — of songs about smiles. If one were to create a list, it would go on and on and on to no avail. These songs come in different contexts: romance, happiness, sadness, etc. At one point, it will be a privilege to have someone write about your smile. They can be head-over-heels for you, or they can just be captivated by your teeth. Either way, music is one of the greatest ways to express oneself. It’s a combination of poetry, art, melody, and emotions. It’s a grand gesture on its own.

Look Good in Pictures

Although models do not always smile in pictures, looking back at photos and seeing smiles is heartwarming. These pictures signify a time when people were living in the moments, making memories, and simply being in their element. Seeing these happy faces can also create a nostalgic feel that, indeed, times were better. This can, then, lead a reassurance that the future can be better as well.

Besides, time and culture have evolved enough that smiles have become normal in pictures. In a way, smiling in pictures is celebrating the advancement of technology and society. It’s “Look how far we’ve come” in print.

Avoid Bad Breath

Bad breath can be such an inconvenience. It is also a huge factor in a person’s confidence, and it affects a person’s socialization. It can come from food as it breaks down and the natural smell of foods. The most notorious cause is poor dental hygiene that leads to plaque or bacteria in the mouth. Because of this, gum problems and tooth decay may arise. Poor dental hygiene can also lead to infection of tooth surgeries.

It may be easy to dismiss the importance of going to the dentist. For some, especially kids, dentists are scary. Be that as it may, lack of proper dental care can lead to a lot of problems that could impair a person’s well-being as well as social life. Think of it as an investment. It may pose an inconvenience at the moment, but it will be of great help in the future.

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