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What Should You Look for in a Home If You Have an Active Lifestyle?

People with active lifestyles took a while to adjust to what the pandemic demanded from them last year. They had to stay at home though they want to hike, walk, and run. They had to isolate themselves from their peers, and they cannot go to the gym or any of their usual fitness places to do their routines. Many decided it’s time to move to the suburbs even though the city offers more facilities and amenities in terms of keeping in shape. However, what that means is also looking for the perfect space where they can continue their active lifestyles.

What should one look for in a property when they want to have a home gym or do physical activities? How can they find the perfect property that will provide them the space they need at a price they can afford? While you might think a studio-type apartment is a no-no, remember that it’s all about the functionality of the space. If you maximize what you have, it will be surprising what that tiny space can do.

Find a Good Developer

The first thing you have to remember about buying a property is to look for a realtor with a good background, reputation, and experience. What kind of properties does the company develop? Do they focus on family homes, duplexes, condominiums, apartment complexes, bachelor’s type apartments, mansions, and villas? Buying a home is not just about knowing what you want in terms of space and amenities. It’s also about knowing what the real estate developer can deliver. If the company has always focused on villas and mansions, why do you think it will be wise to buy from them if you can only afford a studio-type apartment?

List Down What You Want

As someone who lives an active lifestyle, how’s your daily routine like? Do you jog around the block in the morning, or do you have a treadmill that you need space for? How about in the kitchen? Do you need a large one where you can prepare all your healthy meals for the week? Making sense of your daily routine is the first step to listing down what you need and want to continue with your active lifestyle.

Once you have the list of what you need to pursue your active lifestyle, then your real estate broker can find the best property for you. But listing down what you want is not the be-all and end-all of homebuying. You need to learn to compromise, work the details out with your broker, and meet halfway. There are many factors to homebuying, and though your lifestyle is a big consideration, another critical factor is your budget. You have to be realistic.

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Look for Space

Sure, the house might not have an extra room or basement that you need for your home gym equipment, but if it has a nice backyard, that might even be better than what you are looking for. With a spacious backyard, you can do many things—build an outdoor home gym, run around the side of the fence, do your usual exercise routine, and even play catch with your dog. Why would you insist on having an extra room if you can have something better?

But if you are looking at an apartment or a condominium building, then indoor space is what you need for your physical activities at home. If you can’t afford a one-bedroom or two-bedroom condominium unit, you can make a studio-type apartment work. You might have to give up a small area in your living room, but what’s that compared to being able to exercise right in the comfort of your home?

During summer and spring, when the weather permits, you can run around the block and meet fellow joggers. A hike nearby is a good physical activity, too. But once the temperatures drop, you’ll have what little space you have indoors to exercise. Just make sure you have all the necessary safety gear to protect your muscles from strain. A good yoga mat, a pair of athletic shoes, and a sports bra (if you’re a girl) make a huge difference to your indoor workout.

If you’re only looking for a space to do your workouts, you will not be much of a demanding homebuyer. What’s important is to be practical about your process. While you need space for your workouts, your budget must be commensurate to your demands. You need to be flexible, and you have to know where you stand financial-wise.

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