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Home Sweet Home: Simple Upgrades for More Comfort

A comfortable house is the dream of every homeowner. Building your own home has a lot of advantages and provides homeowners with more customization options. Fortunately, people with pre-owned homes can still modify it with renovations or remodeling.

Home modifications come in all forms. Not all home upgrades need to be large, however. Sometimes, it’s the small upgrades that can be the most useful and comfortable for the household. They are also more affordable to install compared to major modifications.

Improve your home gradually while staying within your budget with these simple home upgrades.


Having the right lighting for your rooms is essential. It will affect a room’s ambiance marginally. Bright lighting will make a place feel livelier, while dimmer ones can make a room feel cozier. However, you should be careful and avoid making a room too bright or dark.

Consider your wall colors when matching lighting to a room. Avoid doing light-colored walls with bright light and dark-colored walls with a dim one. For rooms with dark-colored walls, natural lighting is better as illumination compared to harsh fluorescents.

Light sources can come in various forms and serve many functions. Outdoor fairy lights will improve your landscaping, especially in the evening. Recessed lighting in walls and floors can serve as guides when you’re navigating your home at night.


bathroom with tubThere are various cheap and minor bathroom upgrades you can make to improve its everyday use. If you have a small bathroom, a good renovation idea is changing your sink type to a corner sink to save space while still having proper facilities.

Have a bidet attachment installed to your toilet. This will provide a better way of sanitation compared to merely using toilet paper. Also, it doesn’t need a lot of water to use, so you don’t need to worry about increasing your utility bills.

If you enjoy hot showers or baths, a tankless water heater is an excellent option for you. You won’t run out of hot water, so you’re free to enjoy your shower leisurely. It is also more energy-efficient, as it only consumes electricity as it warms up water on demand.


A splash of green indoors will make your home feel more refreshing to see. Natural elements inside a house are relaxing, especially for plant lovers. Besides aesthetic value, indoor plants are also beneficial to one’s health.

A few species of plants can contribute to getting a good night’s sleep since they release oxygen during nighttime. Some of these plants include orchids and succulents, which are also low maintenance plants. While these plants are easy to raise, be careful of overwatering them.

Tending to a few plants can improve your mental health. It can reduce stress and anxiety levels, serving as a way to redirect your energy towards calming activities. Flower plants can boost your mood due to its delicate beauty.

Personal Decorations

Nothing speaks more about your household than personal pictures. Decorations with a sentimental meaning will serve as pleasant reminders for you and your family.

Maximize the use of your wall space. Take out your family pictures and hang them on your walls. Consider installing shelves to display your memorabilia. Don’t get overzealous in putting your items up, however, and avoid overcrowding your wall.

Do your modifications one at a time. Just because your upgrades are small and cheap doesn’t mean you should implement them all at once. Make sure to think about these changes carefully and pick one that you know you need and will enjoy.

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