Ideas for Rebooting Your Life Before 2020 Ends

No one saw the events of 2020 coming — a crippling recession on top of a public health crisis with a side of social unrest and West Coast wildfires. It’s been a challenging year, to say the least, and experts say it’s okay to admit that. In fact, it’s necessary.

More than half a year into COVID-19, most people have probably gotten over the initial shock of the pandemic and its effects. Since social distancing, stay-at-home orders, and remote work will be our new normal for the foreseeable future, we need to find ways to cope and start rebuilding. You don’t need to wait for 2020 to be over before you cope with the realities of the pandemic, or make improvements in your lifestyle.

Here are some lifestyle and home improvement ideas to help yourself start all over again, and eventually acclimate to our new world.

Set new goals

Assess every aspect of your life carefully. How is your physical and mental health? How are your finances? How are your family and home holding up? Are you adjusting well to the new work-from-home setup? How are your relationships? Make a careful assessment of your life and be objective about adjustments and changes that you have to make.

Make a list of every important area of your life—your health, family, finances, work, relationships, and others, and write down your observations about how things are going. It may seem tedious, but it’s the only way for you to be able to set new goals. The first step to addressing a problem is to know and understand what it is.

Remodel your home

There’s nothing that gives the feeling of starting over more than upgrading your living space. Consider remodeling your home to accommodate the new challenges that came with the pandemic. New realities demand new solutions, and how your home was designed may not be the most conducive to a world that requires homes to be a house-office-school-gym hybrid. There are ways to do some remodeling projects without breaking the bank. Some ways to do remodel your home on a shoestring budget include:

  • Doing it yourself
  • Borrowing or renting tools
  • Shopping around for the best price
  • Buying second hand
  • Change only what you need to change

Of course, major changes like building a new office or a casita for social distancing will require more funds. Look at your home objectively and consider what your new normal will be for the next few years, and determine from there what adjustments are essential.


Downsize or go minimalist

Experts say that minimalism is more than just a lifestyle trend, it can be a legitimate tool to fight depression. If you find that your current home or living space reminds you of the hardships of the past year, consider downsizing or going for a minimalist lifestyle.

It’s also the first step to remodeling your space. Before you make major changes in your home, it’s always a good idea to first get rid of stuff you don’t need. A spring cleaning can help you see your home more clearly: It gives you a full perspective of the space, what areas need fixing or maintaining, and how you can improve your floor plan to accommodate life’s new demands.

If you haven’t done it in a while, consider disposing of or selling some of your old belongings. Possessions can accumulate for years and before you know it, you have scores of stuff you don’t need. Consider donating them, having an outdoor garage sale, or selling your items online. Use reliable logistics services to help you ship off your items to buyers or shelters.

Focus on your physical and mental health

If the past few months stopped you from fully taking care of your body and mind, it’s completely understandable. After all, the year came with unexpected challenges, and there’s no guide book on how to navigate a pandemic and a recession. But now that it’s been half a year, it’s time to dust yourself off and focus on your holistic well-being. You will do yourself and the people around you so many favors by being proactive and intentional about taking care of your health.

Consider going for a full physical check-up to help you get attuned to your body’s needs. Your physician can help you come up with a full plan for fitness and proper diet. If you find that you need it, don’t hesitate to consult with a mental health professional as well.

Yes, it’s been a difficult year, but you’re still here. Every day, you can start anew. If you make some home and lifestyle adjustments, you can create living conditions that will help you thrive in your relationships, career, finances, and overall health.

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