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If You Want to Be Healthier, Sleeping Like an Olympian Could Be Key

Everybody knows sleep is important, but so few people actually make an effort to increase the quality of theirs. It’s an ongoing belief that the fewer hours of sleep you get, the more productive and deserving you are of a higher status in life. If this were true, shouldn’t Olympic athletes attest to this? After all, they aren’t only expected to compete with incredible astuteness. They’re also required to display impressive physical prowess. Above all, they’re often healthier than the average individual.

If you’re tired of pulling all-nighters and want to pursue a healthier lifestyle, then taking a cue from Olympians is a great start. Just how do they manage to optimize their sleep, and what can you do to replicate that?

Noise is a Major Factor

If you share a room with a partner, a dog, or live in a house with other people, then you know how well noise can disrupt your sleep. You might not have taken it seriously until now, but the different sounds you register in your sleep do have an impact.

The Sleep Foundation conducted a study about this and discovered that environmental noises could affect your sleep cycle, even if they don’t wake you up. The more sounds you hear, the lesser the likelihood of you entering the slow-wave (deep) or Stage R (Rapid Eye Movement) in the said cycle.

There are measures you can take to change this. You can move to a quieter environment, set house rules, fix doors and other noisy objects, or play ambient sounds. Some applications let you play sounds like rain, waves, thunderstorm, and others for free. In case you have the budget, buy a white noise machine. Athletes find that masking intrusive noises is proficient in creating a satisfying sleep.

The Cooler The Better

Experts discovered that insomnia, both early morning awakenings and late-evening slumber, are linked to body temperature. The more disruptions there are in its rhythm, the more likely you are to suffer from insomnia.

It’s important to note that your body temperature continually drops as you enter a deeper part of your sleep cycle. Your metabolism drops along with it, and your body simultaneously spends less energy. To aid in this process, it’s best to invest in high-quality air conditioning. You can sleep every night in a fixed room temperature that ranges between 15 to 19° C or 60 and 68F, as is prescribed by experts.

Look around Utah for reliable brands, and have a contractor ready to perform your air conditioning repairs. Your city has more than enough reputable companies to ensure you won’t have to sacrifice one night of good sleep due to malfunctions.

The Bed is Crucial

You’ll hear plenty of advice from websites and other people on what kind of mattress is best for you, but really, there are only two people who can determine that. The first is a medical professional, and the second is you.

Before you shop for a new mattress, get yourself checked. You’ll want to be aware of any condition that warrants a specific type of material or hardness. This is especially true for people who have spinal injuries or conditions.

Once you buy the mattress recommended by your doctor, monitor how well you actually sleep. If you find that you’re sleeping better and feel great in the morning, settle for that one. Should you suffer from discomforts, refer to your doctor again and look for ways to improve your situation. It sounds like a lot of work, but you won’t regret putting in the effort once you finally get the snooze you deserve.

Other Furniture Matter Too

Sleep is a mental game as well. Athletes are careful to use their beds only for sleeping because it’s too easy to develop habits that make it harder for them to get a decent shut-eye at night.

A particularly bothersome habit is working on your bed. The more you do it, the more your mind and body recognize it as a place for work. When this happens, going to bed at night won’t only mean sleep, and this creates conflict.

Equip your room with the desk, chair, and other furniture you need to keep from performing other tasks on your bed. This way, lying on your bed at night automatically signals your brain to rest, and falling asleep becomes automatic.

Enjoy Your Sleep

These investments will pay dividends in your quality of life. It might take time to find what works for you and personalize some of these tips, but don’t get discouraged. After all, there’s nothing a good night’s sleep can’t fix once you have access to it.

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