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Kitchen Trends: Sinks, Flooring, and Everything in Between

The first thing that’s going out of kitchen designs this year is all-white kitchens, and it’s not just Forbes reporting it. As it turns out, the sleek, squeaky-clean design is no longer in, and many designers are going for anything colored and textured. Here are some of the interesting trends in kitchen design you may want to try.

Patterned, Statement, Homemade Floors

Say goodbye to the same old subway tiles because patterns are back in the game. Amid bold kitchen trends, you might want to try something psychedelic for your flooring. For instance, playful geometrics and trippy patterns like those in the 60s and the 70s. Contractors of floorings in Santa Ana and other areas will approve this idea.

Speckled design is another thing you could try for your kitchen tile flooring. For example, larger giraffe-type patterns with colors will catch your eye. Then, there’s blending. Try mixing up wood with either fabric, concrete, or terrazzo.

You could also give darker floors a try. After years of seeing plenty of white in the kitchen, it may be time to let a dark floor stain add up to the cozy factor of the room. It would match a light paint for the cabinetry and walls.

For a more daring move, you could re-design your kitchen from the ground up. Let a statement floor dictate how the rest of your kitchen would look.

Let that Sink Stand Out

2020 is the year to spruce up your sink. A farmhouse sink in soapstone will get the attention that your kitchen deserves. Match it with brass hardware, and you’ve got yourself a showstopper.

Doing this is a particularly practical move if you have white walls and you don’t know what to do with them. At least, with a standout sink, your kitchen doesn’t have to go through too much remodeling.

Natural wood tones, according to Country Living, will make your kitchen feel original. It’s the wood tones that will bring warmth to your cooking space.

Experiment with Your Cabinets and Cupboards

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Give metals a chance. If you’re going for wood tones, you can choose a cool brass or a nice nickel for your knobs. Then again, you could mix-and-match with metals in your lighting fixtures if you want to go for a subtle metal touch.

Another design that could surprise you is by hiding kitchen appliances. Look for fronts that mimic your cabinetry. That would also be a space-saving solution, or it would seem as such since your dishwashers and refrigerators will go into hiding when matched with cabinets.

Then, there’s a unique thing about open space — even in the kitchen. Let your guests see your beautiful kitchenware. It would be a chance for you to display your grandmother’s heirlooms and antiques.

Plus, it would make it easier to find everything. But since your kitchen tools are out in the open, you will have to make sure they are always clean. Remember to keep daily items in the most accessible shelf or drawer in your kitchen.

This year, you could try something entirely new for your kitchen. Leave your countertops, walls, and flooring to contractors. Tell them what you want, and they will do it for you.

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