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Landscaping and Gardening Ideas for Fitness Buffs

The COVID-19 crisis has forced millions of fitness buffs to shift all of their workouts from the gym to the safety and comfort of their homes. Many of us have had to think of creative ways to make space in our homes for our rigorous exercises and physical activity. But if 2021 is the year you want to transform your front or back yard into a place where you can exercise and relax, here are some landscaping and gardening ideas and trends to help you get started.

Backyard gym

Perhaps the most obvious choice is turning your backyard into a makeshift gym, with various “zones” to help you stay in shape. Depending on the size of your yard, these zones can serve different purposes. Here are some examples:

  • The play zone, where you and your kids can exercise through playing. You can install an adult jungle gym that’s perfect for training weights, climbing, and even swinging.
  • The cardio zone, where you can get your heart pumping through high-intensity workouts and even jogging. This could be a simple and small circular path where you can cycle, run, or walk.
  • The core zone can include your equipment for push-ups, sit-ups, planks, Russian twists, and bicycles.
  • The zen zone, where you can do some cool-down activities or even meditative workouts like yoga and pilates. It can also be an area where you can practice your spirituality, whatever it may be. This zone should be the quietest zone, where you can enjoy activities that are slower in pace and just generally calmer.


If you already have the majority of equipment you need, you can go for a minimalist look to your landscaping and bring out your tools and machines when you need them. A minimally-designed garden or backyard is perfect for homeowners who don’t necessarily have the time to maintain an elaborate garden. A minimalist backyard is always marked by neutrality, functionality, simplicity, and conciseness without sacrificing personality and expression.

The main strategy for achieving a minimalist garden for working out is combining your greenery and your deck or patio. This will give you the chance to choose between working out on the grass or the flooring. It also needs to be open, with no clear division between areas, and the compositions must be stylishly combined through multilevel platforms and various modules.

Japanese-style zen garden

If 2021 is the year when you want to boost your mental health, consider turning your backyard into a Japanese-style zen garden where you can do some prayer and meditation aside from your daily workouts. Having a zen garden in our home can help boost our vitality and mood and decrease our stress and anxiety levels. If the thought of having a jungle gym and other workout equipment in your backyard stresses you out, go for a zen garden instead.

japanese style zen garden

This can be achieved by highlighting the key elements, which are water, plants, and stones. Each of them symbolizes a specific element, and every single landscaping decision must be purposeful to achieve a perfect whole. Rock gardens are optional, but an artificial pond will go a long way in creating a picturesque space where one can commune with self and nature. A stream with a “humpback” bridge thrown over it is a good option, but so is a small fountain with a waterfall with constantly flowing water is a good alternative for smaller yards in scale.

Classic English style

2020 saw the rise of the cottagecore or granny chic aesthetic derived from classic English styles. Think old castles, dainty flowers, and being surrounded by nature no matter where you look. If you also want to stay fit through gardening, consider going for this landscape design idea since taking care of the flowers and bushes will need constant maintenance and work throughout the year.

Another way to achieve this trendy look in your backyard is by having a traditional water well installed, which can instantly give your yard a vintage appearance. Not only will it give your backyard a cottagecore update, but it will also give you water that’s better in quality and quantity, especially while you work out.

The Bottom Line

No matter what design trend you go for, make sure to be as eco-conscious as you can. There are plenty of ways to preserve our earth’s invaluable resources when you choose materials or while construction is ongoing. Speak to your landscape architect about how to help protect the environment while building the backyard gym of your dreams.

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