Landscaping Ideas: Give Your Outdoor Space A New Look

Dressing up your yard is one of the great ways to welcome the new year. By choosing the right plants and materials, your landscape can have the fresh look that you want for 2020. Here are some ways you can redesign your yard.

Make Your Driveway Stand Out

Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors notice when going to your home. Make it picture-perfect with the right plants. For instance, you could consider adding a low boxwood hedge filled with either flowers or shrubs.

If you’re opting for flowers, roses, perennials, and annuals are perfect. A mixture of color and textures for your flowers would turn your driveway into a paradise. According to Southern Living, “Butterfly Deep Rose” pentas will add color to your driveway. As for texture, lamb’s ears should do the trick.

On another note, river rocks could also help dress up your driveway. You can use the crushed rocks to line up your driveway; they can serve as the finishing touches. It’s not that hard to find river rocks. Utah, for instance, may have an abundance of them given the number of rivers in it.

Choose Blooming Shrubs

Blossoming plants can transform your yard in a jiffy. Your landscape will look like a paradise made by the fairies effortlessly with the help of blooming shrubs and flowers. Choose colorful blooming trees and any passerby would not hesitate to gawk over your garden.

Southern Living recommends growing Chinese snowball to create a major and lasting impact in your landscape. These bushes reach up to six to eight inches. Some, however, can spring up to 20 feet in terms of height and width.

The Spruce, on the other hand, lobbies for the Rose of Sharon as one of the blooming shrubs that deserve a spot in your landscape. This shrub is famous for its many blooms that you may witness from summer to autumn. Both butterflies and hummingbirds can’t help but fall for this shrub, which can grow up to eight feet.

Let the Ornamental Grass Beautify Your Yard

adding grass to the yard

There is a variety of ornamental grass that can improve your curb appeal. While some grass kills the life out of your yard, there are some kinds of grass you can choose that will do nothing but bring life to it. Here are some that might suit your landscape needs:

  1. Leatherleaf Sedge (Carex Amazon Mist) – This type of grass has stiff curved blades. You will recognize the leatherleaf sedge with its tufted look due to its twisted tips.
  2. Blue Fescue – The blue fescue will grab any passerby’s attention with its blue-gray hue. Not only does it add a pop of color, but its puffy clumps also add texture to your landscape.

Beautifying your yard can be easy as long as you pick the right plants and materials that can add color and texture. Don’t forget to do your research. But if you think it’s going to take a lot of time and effort, and if you’re willing to spend, call landscaping contractors who can revamp your garden right away.

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