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Life Goes On — Even After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

A prostate cancer diagnosis should not stop you from living your best life. Life goes on after a diagnosis, and, in many cases, for a very long time. If your condition is still in its early stages, or if treatment is not urgent, you can make lifestyle adjustments to improve your wellbeing. In these situations, a consultation with your prostate cancer specialist in Singapore will help you decide on the lifestyle changes to adopt.

Better Bladder Control

Prostate cancer and its treatment can cause trouble with your bladders.  You might feel the urge to go to the bathroom frequently but release a weak stream while you’re there.  Or, you might not be able to empty your bladder when you want to but leak in between trips to the toilet.

Treatment can address these side effects.  In some cases, however, these effects can linger for a while. You may address the problem:

Changes to Your Intimate Life

Sexual contact will be a bit different if you opt for surgery to remove your prostate gland. For instance, you might have difficulty getting an erection or orgasm.

Work with your doctor to address these concerns. Ask them about radiation therapy or “nerve-sparing” surgery to avoid drastic changes in sexual intimacy. Medications, penile implants, devices, and couples counselling can also improve intimacy with your partner. But most of all, be patient, you’ll get there.

Face Tomorrow with Confidence

Having prostate cancer might cause you to worry due to uncertainties in your health. Despite not knowing what tomorrow might bring, knowing how to handle your feelings about it can help.

  • Learn more about your condition. Ask your doctor about the status of your cancer, the symptoms you should manage, and precautions you can take.
  • Pay attention to follow-up care. Take all the tests that your doctor recommended and attend to all your medical appointments.
  • Manage your worry so you can relax. Do what you can to lessen your worries.  Do relaxation exercises like meditation or deep breathing.

Find Your New Normal

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A prostate cancer diagnosis changes the way you live, but it need not hurt your plans, dreams, and lifestyle. While some things will not be as they always were, you can still make positive life changes. Embrace your new normal in terms of:

  • Identity. Prostate cancer does not lessen your masculinity. If anything, it makes you more of a man when you persevere in beating cancer.
  • Body image. Your body has changed due to the treatments and surgeries — and that’s OK. Your battle scars are proof that you were brave enough to face prostate cancer.
  • Family roles. As you undergo treatment, you might be unable to do all your usual tasks at home. Accept that your body needs rest and that you’ll need to assign your tasks to other members of the family.

Life doesn’t stop with prostate cancer. With a few lifestyle changes like the ones mentioned, it can continue, with potentially better results than you imagined.

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