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Life Hacks on How to Live in London Without Going Broke

It is without a doubt that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. While spending a few days will be likely affordable, it’s a different case when you intend to stay for a few months or a more extended period

If you’re the latter, be sure not to miss out on all the things that London has to offer just because you’re a little tight on your budget. Listed below are some helpful tips on how to still enjoy and experience all that this city has to offer without breaking your bank.

​Find cheap accommodations

For students and young professionals who want to be in the heart of London, you’ll realise that the biggest expense you will have will be renting out a suitable accommodation. Apartments and houses in London can be costly. So, the biggest money-saving hack that you have to figure out right from the bat is finding an affordable place or a cheap hostel in London.

Get a student bus pass

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Commuting using the Tube can add up if you breakdown your monthly outgoings, so one practical way is to use a student bus pass that will be good for one month. This will save some money, especially if you’re using your card to and from places.

Tour museums and galleries for free – London is filled with so many architectural masterpieces. The place itself has so much history, which is why you can find museums and galleries on practically every corner. Be sure not to miss out on immersing yourself for some history lessons by visiting these places. The good thing is most of the more prominent museums are usually free, and some ask for voluntary donations of however much you can give. To find out when the best time to visit these establishments, the Londonist has provided a list that might be helpful

Avoid corner shops

For your monthly supplier of toiletries, it would be best to get them in bulk from the local supermarket to make sure that you don’t run out by the end of the month. Occasional emergency stops at corner shops could mean you’re spending 10% to 40% more on just necessities.

Eat out but don’t make it a habit – Restaurants could quickly charge you a week’s worth of groceries just for a meal. However, if you can’t help it, indulge yourself in London’s food scene and explore their street foods. This is another way to enjoy British and international cuisine without costing you too much.

Early morning or late in the evening theatre scene – If you find yourself in London, it would almost be a sin not to go and watch theatre, but ticket prices can be costly. The way you can work around this going in really early in the morning or waiting in the evening to get a chance to score unsold tickets at a much lower price.

Working and living in London can be a little intimidating knowing that all your hard-earned pennies wouldn’t be enough. But there are various ways for anyone to afford this beautiful city without breaking your bank.

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