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Machines That Use Springs

Springs aren’t something that you usually think about when it comes to everyday life. You rarely encounter things like torsion springs that aren’t found inside a machine that already serving you well.

However, just because you don’t see them often doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. Let’s go through some things that use springs to understand how important they are in our lives. You will be surprised to learn just how prevalent these springs are in your life.


The most obvious ones involve cars. These vehicles get us from Point A to Point B every single day of our lives. Without these machines, it would be nearly impossible to get to your dream vacation spot or even get to work on time.

Vehicles have suspension systems that help with the stability of their cars. Your car’s suspension system has large springs that help protect the engine of your car in the case that you accidentally speed over a pothole.


Refrigerators are one of the most important modern inventions known to man. Without this appliance, it would be very difficult to keep plenty of foodstuffs fresh enough to last the family for more than a day.

Yes, these cooling boxes also contain springs to make life possible for you and me. Where is the spring located, you ask? You may be holding it in your hand: the springs are found at the doors!


lawn mower

Every time you mow your lawn, you’re most likely depending on the power of springs to get the job done. Mowers are usually made with rotary blades, and these blades are made out of compression springs.

These springs give your mower enough power to cut through blades of grass. If springs aren’t present in your mowers, then you might have to spend an entire afternoon just cutting through the grass in your lawn.

Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Ever felt stuck on a question during a test and kept on clicking on your ballpoint pen to help you think? You may not have noticed it at the moment, but even that writing instrument has a spring attached to it.

It’s thanks to the spring that the ability to show or hide the point is possible. If it wasn’t for the spring, it would be downright undoable to annoy your seatmate as you pry your brain for the right answer to your test.


Yes, plenty of mattresses also used to have springs on them. Since the nature of a spring is to be resistant, it makes for a perfect spine to many mattresses. You may have even slept on a bed full of springs during your youth.

Of course, spring-powered mattresses deteriorate over time. They become a danger to people by the time the spring pokes out of the bed. Once that happens, you better get yourself a new bed.

Springs are the type of components that hide in plain sight. Without these springs, it would be hard to live a comfortable life in the 21st century.

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