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Maintaining Your Store’s Glass Doors

Glass doors in store entranceways and refrigerators are opened and closed hundreds of times every day. That said, these doors require a certain level of maintenance to keep them from deteriorating faster than they should.

To keep your store glass doors in good shape, here are some maintenance tips you should know:

1. Invest in good quality doors

Not all commercial refrigerator or entryway glass doors are made equal. So if you want your doors to last for decades without costing you large repair bills in the future, invest in good quality glass doors from a reputable supplier. Not only are higher-quality glass doors more durable, but they are also better designed to save heating and cooling costs, prevent fogging, and maximize space.

2. Lubricate moving parts

Whether you have glide-away doors, swing doors, or sliding doors, it’s important to keep moving parts lubricated to prevent the sound of unpleasant squeaking every time someone opens the door. Fortunately, this is a job that you can do DIY with a little oil or lubricant. However, if you’re not sure how to lubricate a door (it may require a little disassembly), call a technician instead.

3. Use proper cleaning materials

Clean the glass parts of doors using the appropriate materials, such as a squeegee, instead of abrasive tools like paper towels and dry cloth. Using a squeegee is a more efficient way to clean glass without damaging the surface or leaving residue behind. Moreover, make sure to use proper cleaners, ideally commercial solutions that are specifically designed for cleaning glass and mirrors.

4. Do regular inspection

Preventive maintenance is always the best way to preserve glass doors. That said, have your doors inspected regularly by a professional technician, especially if your doors are automated. In this way, you can catch potential problems early on and prevent them from causing any damage along the way.

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5. Maintain seals

Door seals are designed to control air temperature and air pressure in a room or building. You can easily keep them in proper working condition through regular cleaning and lubrication. However, if door seals or gaskets are beyond repair, replace them with new ones as soon as possible. Otherwise, door seals can start to break off and lead to temperature fluctuations inside a room or refrigerator.

6. Prevent water stains

Many glass products, such as windows and doors, have treatments that prevent water stains straight out of the factory. If your doors do not have this type of treatment, you can apply rain-repellant or glass sealant on the surface to prevent water stains from settling in. In the meantime, you can remove water spots using baking soda and water, vinegar and water, or commercial cleaners that are specially designed to remove water stains.

Keep your store’s glass doors spotless and free from damage with these useful maintenance tips. Not only will proper maintenance extend the life of your glass doors, but it will also keep them visually pleasing to everyone walking in your store. You will be glad you invested in your store’s appearance.

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