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Meaningful Space: Essential Elements for Living in a Smaller Home

As it gets more crowded in areas where people commonly live, more and more people are deciding to live in smaller spaces. If you’re one of those individuals, then you might want to consider having the following in your home. Living with less space doesn’t have to mean that you would have to compromise on your quality of life.

Creative Storage Space

When you don’t have a lot of space, to begin with, you have to make every inch count. Aside from getting a lot more cabinets and shelves, it also helps to create storage spots in places where there usually aren’t any. Everything that has parts that are not used for holding items, such as stairs and some furniture, should have some capacity to do so. Stores may not have the kinds of storage spaces you need for an unconventional home, so you might want to look into companies that make custom cabinets that suit your home’s design.

Space-Saving Furniture

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Living in less space means that you would have to downsize on some of the furniture that you have. Not only would you want to have smaller pieces in general, but you would also have to consider how they can be put out of the way to make more room. For example, there are small tables that can be folded when not in use. Pieces of furniture that serve more than one purpose are also welcome in a tiny home. An example would be a couch that turns into a bed.

Compact Appliances

We live in a time when it’s hard to even think of living without any appliances to help us with our everyday tasks. But at the same time, living in a small house can make us realize that we don’t need as much as society makes us believe. You can find compact versions of various appliances and installations, such as washing machines and sinks, that do the job as well as their regular-sized counterparts. These can be great to have in a home that’s at least partially off the grid, making use of solar energy.

Light Colors

Color can affect our perception of space and how big it is. Lighter colors reflect more light and make spaces look bigger than they actually are. White is a common choice, paired with another darker color for accents. Along with this, you can also include bigger windows as well as some mirrors in order for more light to get inside. Not only do they help make the space look larger, but they can also help you appreciate the scenery outside. This is especially true if you’ve chosen a visually appealing location for your home.

Living in a smaller home means that you would have to think about what the most important items are to you and your family if you have any. There is only so much space that you can put things in, after all. It’s not how much that you have that matters, but what you put into what you do have.

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