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New Year, New Adventures: Activities to Focus on After the Pandemic

With the pandemic still at large during 2021, it’s hard to say when we’ll be able to do our favorite activities. This certainly spells trouble for people who are on an active lifestyle. To them, visiting a new place is already an adventure, and that can’t happen with quarantine protocols in place.

Some jobs are already adventuring in themselves, so that’s also a problem; there’s almost no work during the pandemic. Activities such as surveying, testing, calculating, adjusting, and balancing for buildings and land will have to wait until things get back to normal. What you’ll have more of, though, are trips that are somewhat allowed. There are some places with nature trips already available this early in the year.

A recent survey came out based on all 50 states in the U.S. There certainly are several activities to be had, but which ones tend to be safe? Let’s find out if we’re having a new adventure in 2021.


Texas has a lot of wide, open spaces perfect for biking. It’s one of the most famous states for adventure, edging out Washington and Utah because of the number of kayaking spots up for grabs. It’s up there with Virginia for the most in one state in the country.

Wide-open spaces are a recommended area during this time of the pandemic. The virus won’t have a chance to linger in the air when you’re walking around an area like this. Aside from that, most of the areas you go to are wide and open, letting you focus on the fun and not on trying not to get the virus.


Florida isn’t a leading destination for adventure trips. However, it’s just like Texas; its strength lies in the number of adventures that adrenaline junkies will surely enjoy. Top among these is the more than a dozen skydiving drop zones that permeate the entire state.

Again, visitors will enjoy Florida because of the wide-open areas that they can do adventure trips in. One of the state’s leading attractions is the hang-gliding locations. There is a total of nine, most of them the best that the East Coast has to offer. If that’s not your cup of tea, you could go hiking and choose from over 1,600 trails available in the state.

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Michigan is another state for the active outdoors people to explore. The Midwest area is home to a lot of mountains, so it goes without saying that this is the perfect spot for mountain bikers, mountain climbers, and hikers. There are scenic trails here that the most discerning of climbers can enjoy.

There are various routes to explore here, aside from other areas like 13 zip lines and a total of 44 ski resorts for a nice change of pace. As always, you should never forget to wear a face mask and a face shield when going to these places, to continue to protect yourself from the virus.


This is another similar state to Texas since you have lots of places that offer enjoyment without being close to people. It is a great place to go mountain climbing with its variety of peaks. There are also areas where you can go kayaking, enjoying the great outdoors while being out in the open.

Arizona is also known for the Chiricahua National Monument, which has been dubbed a “wonderland of rocks.” If you’re looking for areas where you can go hiking and enjoy a scenic trail, you should visit this place. Remember to observe your social distancing from other visitors and you’re golden.

A Bonus Reminder: Local Road Trips

During the pandemic, there are states with varying degrees of lockdown that you simply cannot visit. Some states have those free spaces which afford to keep away from other people. If you would rather visit your locales, though, authorities encouraged traveling on vacation within your home state.

You can either go on a road trip with a select group of friends or those who live closest to you. You can also choose to go on a staycation rental somewhere nearby, just to make it feel like you’ve gone out of state and on the road. Either way, consider going with people who you know have had no risk of exposure, just as they’re sure you’re not exposed to the virus.

It’s hard staying indoors if you have that inherent wanderlust in you. With vaccines finally being developed to fight coronavirus, it won’t be long before people can go on the road or visit vacation locations. Just remember that there are places near you that offer the same experience with double the safety.

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