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Old Office Woes: Why You Should Modernize Your Workspace

If your company has been around for a long time, then it probably means that it has achieved a significant amount of success or that your office space has been declining over the years. Your office furniture isn’t as chipper, the air-conditioning units suffer slight hiccups, and the overall vibe looks, smells, and just screams “old.”

If you already perform annual company-wide cleaning and maintenance routines, then what else can you do to make your office more modern?

Eliminate likely health hazards

An office that’s been around for decades is bound to have molds due to condensation in between the walls, or worse, pest problems like ants, termites, or rodents that are mostly unseen. Contact mold specialists and pest fumigation services in London to get rid of these problems fast and prevent future onsets.

You might also want to invest in an air purifier to make the air in your office cleaner and thus more breathable.

Upgrade your HVAC systems

Hear that subtle high-pitched hum? That’s your air vents bearing years’ worth of stress – debris, worn ductwork, faulty grilles, and much more.

If the cost is permissible, upgrade your HVAC system to not only replace rundown parts but to save more energy through zoning, sensing technology, and higher SEER ratings and HSPF ratios. If you have an open office design, you can also opt for under-floor air distribution, which uses diffusers to circulate conditioned air.

Replace old office equipment

Don’t wait until you can’t bear the lower back pain or get carpal tunnel syndrome before swapping office furniture.

Revamp your workstations with ergonomic office equipment that not only fixes your working posture but brightens the ambiance as well. A chair with lumbar support and an adjustable standing desk helps boost employee productivity. Other ergonomic fixtures include wrist support, screen glare filters, keyboard trays, and horizontal document holders.

Give the place a nice retouch

While you’re busy enhancing your office equipment, why not overhaul your entire office? It doesn’t need to be ostentatious. An excellent office floor plan considers at least two things: mobility and accessibility.

This is why the open office layout is a fad among forward-thinking companies. By setting up more community areas, dismantling partitions and light-dissipating walls, and minimizing private space, synergy is achieved. People can move to places with more ease, and they can collaborate better with fewer walls.


Set up new security systems

When modernizing your security system, there’s only one way to do it: go smart. Smart security systems rely less on mechanical configurations and more on its access to wireless infrastructure.

There are a lot of areas in your office that you can integrate into your smart security system: unique ID badges and intercom function for visitor management, RFID-activated keyfobs or biometrics for employee access and time-ins, and other facility security mechanisms such as password-locked door entry, cloud-connected burglar systems, lights with occupancy sensors, and smart surveillance cameras.

Just as you pivoting your products keeps you relevant, modernizing your office to optimize the experience of your employees, both young and old, should also be a priority.

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