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Pandemic Fitness: Why Outdoor Workouts Are Gaining Popularity

COVID-19 has forced casual gym-goers to stay at home and avoid indoor, public gyms. This had to be done to prevent any further spread of the disease. So what happened to gym buddies all around the world? They were forced to try fitness alternatives that can safely keep them healthy and fit throughout the lockdown. Study shows that due to the pandemic, most people’s fitness habits have changed drastically. Though social isolation is a necessary and essential step to follow to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, it can’t be helped that people are struggling to adapt and adjust their daily routine and activities. This is especially true for health-conscious individuals who are used to following a specific regime that requires the convenience of specific facilities and establishments.

No matter how demotivating the whole situation is, entirely dropping your usual workout routine while using the pandemic as an excuse is not recommended. Although indoor gyms are slowly opening their doors for limited people, more gym-goers now prefer sticking to their alternative outdoor workout routines than going back to the gym. Here are some reasons why.

Indoor gyms are no longer an option

Why are most gym-goers still reluctant to go back to gym facilities? The answer is simple because there are still underlying risks that you need to consider. Until today, most places still have increasing amounts of positive COVID-19 cases. In an indoor gym setting, you still can’t guarantee an interaction-free environment, which may increase your risk of being infected with the virus. Asymptomatic patients may easily transmit the virus to others without even knowing it. Thus it is better to avoid exposing yourself to public settings completely. No matter how thorough a facility is with its protocols and guidelines, it might not still guarantee your safety.

Moreover, some gym facilities that are open strictly follow health guidelines for when and how they let people exercise in their space. Gym-goers are now required to wear masks when exercising, along with other limitations that make the whole activity of working out become much more of a hassle. Being in an indoor setting will also mean more inferior ventilation, which allows the virus to travel easily in an enclosed space. The risk is heightened, especially when the people with you in the gym are breathing heavily.

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There are various outdoor workout alternatives to choose from

Out of the multiple workout alternatives mentioned in this article, exercising in your backyard may be the most convenient and preferable alternative that people prefer. Creating a workout routine that will not require fancy equipment found in the gym can be an excellent way for you to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown. You can easily figure out how you’re going to achieve your goals with the internet’s help. With just a click, you can find various exercise drills that effectively align with your ideal body aspiration.

Another alternative is walking or jogging through secluded parks, trails, or neighborhoods. The pandemic has urged more people to visit sites that most people would usually not go to. Don’t take commercial landscaping services for granted; take a look around and admire the beauty in your town that you never knew existed. However, it is essential to remember to watch out for other passersby and make sure that you’re wearing your mask properly and distancing yourself from whoever you might bump into.

Besides that, outdoor fitness classes are also available in a lot of different states. What makes these fitness classes different is that having classes outside allows better ventilation and airflow. Respiratory droplets can disperse more effectively, therefore, reducing the risks of these droplets reaching your mouth, eyes, and nose. Ultimately, you can avoid airborne transmission. As long as the location and setting are favorable for the class, there will be fewer problems and more successful and productive exercise opportunities.

The importance of exercise during a pandemic

To conclude, despite the troublesome circumstances, staying in shape and exercising is something that people should prioritize, especially in times like this. Taking care of yourself is extremely crucial to combat the coronavirus. Exercise conveniently boosts your immune system. Therefore, you can easily fight off illness and infections.

On top of that, having sufficient exercise can help you avoid weight gain and improve your self-esteem. Similarly, your stress and anxiety may even decrease as you continue to stay active and preoccupied during the lockdown. This helps build emotional resilience, especially for adults. Finally, exercise may even improve your sleeping habits and quality. Not only does exercise provide you physical advantages, but it also gives you benefits for your mental health and overall well-being.

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