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Patio Improvement Projects That Won’t Take Too Much Time

As more people spend more time indoors, many devote their time to improving their home’s interior and exterior. They are putting more attention on areas that need some fixing and improvement. As a result, the pandemic drove people to become gardeners and DIYselfers.

Meanwhile, others are turning to contractors and construction services to tackle home improvement projects. One example is siding installers and repairers that tackle damaged siding to protect their home’s exterior. There are also landscaping maintenance services to improve the curb appeal of their home.

But apart from all home improvement projects, upgrading the patio can make a big difference in your home’s overall value and aesthetic appeal. It’s nice to have a comfy space in the backyard where we can exercise, relax, entertain guests, and start new hobbies.

Like any area of the house, our patios can also use some updates. After all, a clean and well-kept patio is a place where you want to relax and enjoy. In this case, patio maintenance is one of the great ways to create a comfy outdoor living space.

Whether you plan on selling or staying in your home, your patio is a valuable component of your real estate property. In this article, we’ll take a look at basic patio improvement projects with time constraints in mind.

Five-minute projects

Devoting five minutes to the patio can make a huge difference to your yard. Sweep away the debris, dirt, and dry leaves. Inspect the lawn and uproot persistent garden weeds to prevent regrowth. The sooner you do it, the better. Young weeds are easy to remove and help reduce the chances to grow and promote weed problems.

If you have extra time, use a wet cleaning rag to eliminate cobwebs and dust on the siding. You’ll be surprised at how much difference it can make to your exteriors.

You may also install new lighting fixtures to add more brightness to your home. Lantern and string lighting are cheap ways to brighten your space and add a whimsical element to any room. You can buy them online or in-store, and they only cost around $25.

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Thirty-minute projects

Within less than an hour, you can actually transform a patio with just a single piece and some quick fixes. Hanging chairs are becoming a huge trend as people seek comfort and relaxation in their outdoor living spaces. They come in various shapes, sizes, and style options, depending on your preference and space requirements.

Adding power pieces to the patio is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the outdoor yard for those who have limited time and money. A great tip is to hang a wicker egg chair or porch swing for a more laid-back look. Outdoor hanging chairs start at $400, depending on the design and material.

You may also take the time to inspect the hard edges of the patio that require sanding, old nails you need to replace, and stubborn weeds that you need to pull. They may be minor fixes, but it’s important to tackle them before it gets worse. To get that vibrant and fresh look for your yard, add new mulch to the gardens beds surrounding the patio. This won’t cost you much as garden supply stores sell mulch for only $15.

One-hour projects

Consider adding water features for your patio for a serene and relaxing ambiance. The appearance and sound of running water have design benefits that potentially reduce stress. They also make a nice touch if you’re using the patio for meditative practice. A basic water feature will only cost you around $200.

Another way to spruce the outdoor space is by adding potted plants and statement planters. This is a quick and economical method to enhance the livability of your patio and boost the resale value of your home.

There are plenty of options for planters and pots, so try to experiment with whatever fits your style and the look of your patio. You can also try other colors and textures for added variation. Roses, begonia, and strawberry plants are beginner-friendly plants that will spice up your patio decor. A great tip is to find plants that complement the lighting of the patio since some flowers are shade tolerant than other traditional planters.

Regardless of the season, never let your patio go to waste! An outdoor living area deserves all the attention, so it should look great and functional at all times. A patio is an amazing feature to have in the yard, but they also need some TLC. To ensure the success of your project, make sure to follow our suggestions with time and budget in mind.

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