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Pilates for Weight Loss: the Preferred Workout of K-pop Stars

K-pop, short for Korean pop music, has taken the world by storm. Performers from South Korea have gained ardent fans internationally, including in Singapore and neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.

The popularity of K-pop is part of the so-called Hallyu Wave, the term used to describe the increased visibility of South Korean culture globally. Nowadays, the East Asian nation exports music, movies and television shows, cosmetics products, and, of course, food.

K-pop is particularly popular among young generations, especially women. It has a profound influence on fashion and beauty trends.

Naturally, many young people want to look like their K-pop idols. They buy the clothes that these stars wear onstage and in music videos. They try out the often restrictive diets that the performers undergo to look lean.

But, one way to achieve the K-pop idol body is to do Pilates.

Reasons Why K-Pop Idols Love Pilates

Blackpink’s Jennie, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and Weki Meki’s Doyeon and Sei are only some artists who stay fit through the practice of Pilates.

Pilates is not new, but it has only recently started gaining traction in the world of fitness. It is a low-impact exercise that focuses on building muscle, improving balance, developing balance, and correcting posture. It also can help a person lose weight.

In one small study from 2017, 37 women who are either overweight or obese were asked to practice Pilates for eight weeks. By the end, they reported weight loss, lower body mass index (BMI), toned waist, and decreased abdomen and hip circumference.

Pilates could be one of the reasons why K-Pop idols are so slim.

The amount of calories that the exercise can burn depends on the person’s weight. However, a person who is about 150 pounds (68.8 kilograms) can use up approximately 175 calories after a 50-minute beginner-level Pilates mat class. A more advanced 50-minute mat class can burn around 254 calories.

Aside from maintaining a healthy weight, K-pop idols like Pilates exactly because it is low-impact. These performers are not just singing on the stage. K-pop groups are also expected to dance. They spend hours every day perfecting a dance routine for an upcoming performance.

A Pilates instructor who has worked with several idol groups, including Red Velvet and LOONA, said that the activity has benefits beyond weight loss. Many stars prefer it because it can reduce body pain.

Dance practice is exhausting, and it can cause muscle and joint pain. However, those who do Pilates report that they no longer suffer from body pain, even after hours of dance practice.

But, of course, the weight loss benefit is part of its appeal. K-pop idols are expected to be physically fit for comebacks and public appearances.

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Getting that Idol Figure

Pilates alone cannot turn regular folks into K-pop idols. These celebrities undergo different types of exercise, including cardio, to burn calories in preparation for a performance. They also go on diets to shed excess weight.

Moreover, many of them undergo cosmetic procedures. A quick way to achieve the ideal body is fat freezing. Also called body contouring, the non-invasive procedure uses freezing technology to break down fat cells in parts of the body where they are not wanted. After a few weeks, the body naturally processes and eliminates fat cells.

The procedure is perfect because it is targeted. Curves that are deemed to be attractive are not affected.

How to Star Pilates

Pilates does not require any special equipment, especially for beginners. Most exercises can be done on the floor with a mat. However, many celebrities use an apparatus called the Reformer, which looks like a bed frame with cuffs, chains, and springs. It is not a necessity, but many instructors include it in the workout session for their clients.

A beginner does not need to have an athletic or dance background to learn Pilates. However, it is not an easy workout. People who have no prior experience should start under the supervision and guidance of an instructor to prevent any injuries. Moreover, they should go slow and do easy poses. They should build muscle strength and improve their balance before increasing intensity.

Experts recommend that people do Pilates around two to three times a week to see better results. There are also many types of Pilates, such as Yogalates (a mix of yoga and Pilates) and Piloxing (which combines Pilates and boxing).

Many K-pop stars have shared that they do Pilates which helps them maintain a healthy weight. However, there are more benefits to the popular workout. Practicing Pilates regularly can also build muscles, improve balance, reduce pain, and a lot more.

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