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Key Considerations in Planning a Home Gym

Thanks to Covid-19, people had no choice but to exercise at home- and you may find the experience somewhat enjoyable. And as things slowly return to normal, it seems as if the workout-at-home trend is not going anywhere.

If you have enough space at home and are thinking of building your personal gym, either in one corner of your living room or in your garage, there are some things to consider. According to experts, here are some key considerations in building a home gym.

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People have different time preferences of when they want to work out. Some people work out in the morning, and others prefer to exercise at night. That is why you need to consider where you will set up your gym and the activities you usually do before and after working out.

For instance, if you like working out in the morning and having a cup of hot chocolate afterward, setting up the gym near the kitchen will be best. But if you like working out at night before going to bed, having the gym next to your bedroom will be ideal.

However, you also need to consider other family members if the gym is not for your exclusive use. If they want to use the gym from time to time, it’s best to place it in a more accessible area for everyone.


Any gym would require hard surface flooring. Tiles may seem like a neater option because it’s easier to clean, but they can never withstand when you drop weights. So, go for vinyl plank flooring. Besides, vinyl plank flooring is more durable. It won’t crack or split no matter how heavy you drop on it.

If your entire home has tile flooring, you may need to change the flooring of your preferred space for the gym. This allows you to clean the place thoroughly and prepare it for your dream home gym. You can even hire spring cleaning experts to ensure that the area is squeaky clean.


It’s important to size your home gym correctly. Before making a renovation, make an inventory of your workout equipment or the machines you intend to have, and keep note of their dimensions. This is particularly important to plan where to put machines that require electrical outlets.

It will also be wiser to leave extra spaces empty if you need to add more machines in the future. You will also need a space for stretching and floor exercise, so don’t forget to save a spot for your yoga mat. If you do this, you can plan the proper placement of your equipment, ensuring that you have space for all of them.


You may also need to consider the plumbing items you want to put in your gym. Do you like to soak in a warm bath after an extensive workout? Then a full bath with a shower is necessary! How about a sauna? Perhaps you want a small beverage bar with a sink beside your treadmill. Whatever you want to add to your gym, consider the plumbing system. In this case, you might need to hire experts to check if the items you wish to include will not affect your home’s existing plumbing system.


You probably want your home gym to be simple and minimalist, but it wouldn’t hurt to plan a little about accessories and decor. For instance, installing mirror panels on the wall can make the room appear bigger. Furthermore, adding blocking in the walls and ceiling can add more protection and improve the gym’s foundation.

You may also need to install a high-velocity fan, especially if you like intense workouts. LED lights are also crucial to keeping the room well-lit, which is important in your workout sessions. Consider a built-in locker or a small closet where you can store your gym items like gears, bands, and a yoga mat. Last but not least, you will be more hyped to work out if you have good music playing on speakers, so make sure to install one.

In times like this, our health should be our top priority. If you are concerned about your safety when going to a public gym, a home gym is a great choice. Regardless of the size of your gym, the most important thing here is that you have a personal space where you can exercise without compromising your health and safety. With the key considerations listed above, you can create a home gym that will motivate you to develop healthy habits!

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