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Postponing Surgery on Sports Injury: What Are Your Options?

Playing sports provide people with a lot of physical benefits. Your fitness levels and active lifestyle receive spikes of improvement when engaging in those physical activities. Mental benefits are also achievable, making sports engagement an overall positive habit the average person must adapt. You might even reach a point where you are good enough to start a career as an athlete.

However, those advantages do not come without risks. Physical activities could result in injuries. Unfortunately, some athletes have the unfortunate luck of suffering from injuries in vital games or points of a season. Injuries are inevitable in sports. It is rare for a player to retire without suffering from one.

As an athlete, you might think of playing through the pain. However, team doctors might suggest surgery or treatment methods to avoid aggravation or further damage. You are responsible for your health, so the decision rests in your hands. If you decide to postpone surgery and physically play at a high level, here are a few options to keep your existing injury from becoming an inconvenience.

Pain Relief

Athletes can suffer from a plethora of injuries throughout their respective careers. Bumps, bruises, wounds, scratches, and cuts are all easy to play through, even allowing you to stay in the game where you sustained them. However, the situation changes when you receive minor injuries like ankle sprains or hyperextended limbs. The pain is immense, and those health issues could worsen. Going out of the game might end up being necessary as team doctors attend to you.

When you sustain minor injuries, there is a possibility that your body did not suffer from structural damage. The finding allows you to return to the game, but the pain and inflammation might not let you. The swelling or inflammation from your muscles and ligaments requires cooling down, where pain relief medication and treatment could help. Fighting through the pain sensation could make you a liability on the court, so removing it should be your top priority. Cold and hot compression might also work, lessening the burden on your muscles and ligament.


Unfortunately, your minor injury might force you to miss the rest of the game. However, it does not mean that surgery is on the cards. If there is no structural damage, the pain can be an indicator of your availability. Unfortunately, it might force you to rest for a few days or weeks before you can make a full recovery. During that time, physiotherapy can help you return to normal. Getting a massage, joint manipulation session, or a light exercise routine could get you back on playing condition faster.

Minor injuries like spasms or hyperextension are some of the conditions that physiotherapists can heal. The process does not require surgery, ensuring that you can return to playing despite sustaining an injury.

Corticosteroid Injections

Corticosteroid Injections

Minor injuries could still take a lot of time before you can recover. When inflammation and swelling are at dangerous levels, athletes need to let them ease. However, being in the middle of a valuable sports season changes the perception.

When the swelling is getting worse, taking a few days off might be your only choice. Fortunately, corticosteroid injections can reduce inflammation, helping you recover faster. Athletes expect those types of minor injuries can happen at any time, but playing through the pain is part of the resume.

However, players can experience maximum discomfort levels. Corticosteroid injections provide temporary solutions for damaged cartilage on the knees and pelvis. This pain relief alternative does not mean that you do not have to get surgery to repair the damage. Postponement might be necessary, but you’ll have to get one when the injury starts to immobilize you.

Integrative Alternative Medicine

Major injuries like hyperextended hamstrings and spine discomfort could stop players from playing. Surgery might be the ideal solution, but it means you cannot play for a long time. The decision could cost you an entire season with the team involved in a deep winning run.

Fortunately, your doctors could postpone surgery if the injury is treatable through natural means. The surgery takes months before recovery, but integrative medicine can keep the pain at bay with a few weeks of treatment and care. However, playing sports is an unpredictable event, which might cause you to aggravate your injury. Protective gear is also necessary to protect yourself, making it essential to wear them during games.

When Immediate Surgery Is Necessary

Major injuries that immobilize you require immediate surgery. Bone fractures, torn muscles, and spine misalignment are conditions that can make playing impossible. When you encounter situations where you have to get off the court in a stretcher, getting surgery is better for your career longevity. Your health matters more at the end of the day.

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