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Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Gym Reopening

Attracting your clients back to the gym may prove to be harder because of their fears. You must make yourself aware of what these fears are and find ways to address them. This will help smooth the transition back into being a fully functioning fitness center.

It might be advisable to hire some professionals to evaluate your building. A commercial restoration business would be able to advise you on ways to secure your building, fix any ventilation issues, as well as do repairs to make sure that your building is as safe as possible for your customers.

Once this is done, you must evaluate the layout of your space. Is there sufficient distance between equipment? Can your clients socially distance themselves while working out? How do you provide effective sanitation services so that clients do not have to wait too long between the usage of machines?

After you have answered these questions, you can concentrate on finding ways to bring back your clients and attract new consumers. Many people have gotten into fitness during the lockdowns and may be looking to continue in a more professional fitness setting.

Offer Trial Gym Passes

This will most likely appeal to the people who have previously not gone to a gym but have gotten into fitness at home as a way to weather the lockdowns. By offering trial gym passes without expecting them to sign up or give any personal information, you are giving the impression that your main interest is in peoples well being. Predatory marketing tactics can only hurt you at this point. People have way less sympathy or willingness to be scammed by predatory business practices than ever before.

Be honest that you are hoping to sign them up, but allow them to go at their own pace. Take a sincere interest in the health journey of the people who use the trial passes. This will lead to better dividends down the line that scaring people off by appearing to care more about revenue than physical fitness.

Offer One-Off Challenges   One of the ways that many people managed to get into a fitness routine while in lockdown was to join fitness challenges. There is a good chance that many of your existing client base did this as well. By offering one-off fitness challenge sessions or classes, you are keying into the interest people already have for this type of activity.

A well-run one-off challenge will be a very good way to get people interested in joining your gym. They will have to come to the gym regularly for the class and will get a chance to interact with trainers, other clients, and experience the atmosphere of the place.

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Offer Personal Training Sessions

This is a tried and tested method for bringing in clients. It will serve you well in these recovering months. Consider offering these sessions at a discounted price for current gym members and people who used to be members but canceled their membership due to the lockdowns.

They are much more likely to return if they have these one-on-one sessions and will appreciate the discounted price. Many of your old clients have likely not been able to work out as much as they would want to during these rough times. The one-on-one personal training sessions will allow them to gain an understanding of how much they can expect their bodies to do now. It will also help you to give them pointers and layout a new workout plan that will work for their current level of stamina since the old workout plan may be too tough for them now.

A personal training session is also a great way to connect with an individual client. It gives them an opportunity to reconnect with their fitness goals in a very visceral way that puts a face on them. As you will have retained your physicality till now, due to being a professional, you can be their guide back to the gym. Having your assurance that they can regain their muscle tone and begin working out regularly once again will go a long way towards getting them back on their fitness routine.

From hosting contests to nutritional eating panels, you must choose the tactics that work best with your brand. Every gym represents something to the clients that choose to buy into a membership there. Get in touch with your present and past clients and try to find out what your gym represents to them.

Use this information to inform your choices when you are making marketing decisions. Consider using testimonials as well. Nothing convinces someone who is unsure about a service like a testimonial. People are so tired of hearing businesses describe themselves as worthy places. They are much more likely to take the world of a real person like themselves.

Ask your trainers and your clients to submit video testimonials and offer them a reward/token in the form of a free class or added benefits when they return to the physical location of their choosing.

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