Reasons to Hold Your Wedding Reception in Your Backyard

If you’re tying the knot on a budget, then perhaps, a backyard reception is worth considering. A home no doubt offers superb privacy and comfort, both of which hallmarks of a casual and intimate wedding.

What’s more, a spacious backyard is typically landscaped, which means it’s already adorned with beautiful blooms, lush grass, and breathtaking trees. With those, you may no longer spend as much for event styling.

Appealing, isn’t it? Here are the rest of the reasons you should give it a shot, and some tips to make your backyard wedding-party-ready.

There Is No Place Like Home

Your big day will be a lot more special celebrated in the home you grew up in. The place will evoke a lot of your childhood memories, which your parents will also love.

The effect can be pretty similar if you hold it in a loved one’s backyard, too. As long as you choose a home that has always been special to you, your wedding will stir a lot of nostalgia and other positive feelings.


A tight budget usually motivates couples to hold their wedding in a home, and indeed, it allows them to spare cash from expensive decor and table set-ups. But of course, a wedding coordinator, a catering crew, and professional photographers and videographers are still essential. Hiring a cleaning crew will also come in handy.

To really save money on event styling, find out what makes your backyard unique. Identify what makes a statement in the space, and let it be the focal point of the venue. And to make beautiful table set-ups, experiment with your own vases, flowers, and china. You can also skip a lighting rental by using your own garden lanterns, string lights, and other lovely types of outdoor lighting.

How to Prepare Your Backyard

Wedding backyard

Before finalizing the decision to hold your wedding party in your backyard, be sure that your guests will fit. Consider their needs as well such as sufficient parking, enough seating, and food.

When you’re certain that all your guests will be accommodated conveniently, round up the essentials next. That would be the backyard’s space, dressing rooms, plans for a bad weather, a cleaning service, and decor.

Ideally, the entire property should be used, including the inside of the home, which may serve as your dressing room. In the backyard, consider if tents would be needed. They will help in case a drizzle occurs.

Get creative by adorning your backyard’s focal point. If that’s a tree, cutting the branches into a certain shape will draw more attention and function to that area. Or, if you have a pool, lay a makeshift walkway across that can serve as an aisle. Decorate the sides with flowers to make it more romantic.

As you hire a catering service, check if the area where they’ll be setting up is equipped with a water and power source, and adequate lighting. Have a cocktail bar manned by experienced bartenders as well. A wedding party isn’t complete without a bit of booze!

Don’t forget leaving an open space for dancing, too. A walkway over the pool can serve as one, or a gazebo if you have one.

To maximize the space, go for long tables instead of several round tables. Since your wedding will be intimate, it’s all about bringing people together, and there’s no better way to do that than using long, banquet tables.

As you plan all of these out, be sure to get help from an event planner to ensure that you’ll have everything you need for a fun and successful wedding party. There would be a handful of unglamorous sides in wedding planning, so expert assistance will be necessary to keep you fresh and stress-free.

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